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  • A Christmas Wedding (Desert Kings 2.5) on Dec. 10, 2014

    Love Jennifer Lewis. Have read most of the books she has wrote for Harlequin. This is a book that links her Desert Kings series. Have only read Veronica-Stranded with the Sheikh before reading A Christmas Wedding so do not know a lot about the other books. Can't wait to read the whole series. Although this is a stand alone book it can be read with the series as well. Enjoyable read.
  • Secrets Of The Heart (Book 1, The Heart Romance Series) on March 07, 2015

    Laurie LeClair creates a scenario of unrequited love, heartbreak and secrets. Secrets of the Heart is a deeply emotional read. All the obstacles that the main characters faced within this story could break anyone. Through strength and determination, Nick and Bree manage to come out the other side. Secrets of the the Heart will make you cry, but it will also leave you in awe of the human spirit. Believing that love just may conquer all. Beautiful story.
  • If The Shoe Fits on March 07, 2015

    Every girl likes to get lost in living the fairytale dream. Meeting Prince Charming falling in love and living happily ever after. Because everyone knows life does not work that way--the next best thing is to live out that dream vicariously. Through a story book. If the Shoe Fits by Laurie LeClair is a modern take on the much loved story of Cinderella. Alex (Prince Charming) presents the idea of a marriage of convenience to Charlotte (Cinderella) to save her family's struggling business and give his grandparents the heir they want for him and the family company. Falling in love never factored in. I fell in love with this book. A cute modern twist on an age old fairytale (Cinderella). Enjoyable, lighthearted read. Liked so much am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.
  • The Belligerent Miss Boynton on July 19, 2016

    Amanda has the personality of a minx but the heart of a survivor. She does what she has to in order to protect her sanity but doesn't think through the execution process of her plans. Her character had many contradictions, she has naivety that hints at immaturity but a wisdom born of necessity and she can play a hoyden like nobody's business. Jared was gallant, trustworthy and border on dangerous with his wicked personality and his tempting good looks but when he cared he didn't hold back from expressing that. The Belligerent Miss Boynton is an adventurous saga of courage, humor and heart that is a showstopper and a welcome edition to regency.