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At the tender age of five, Lauren experienced a near-death experience. When she came out of her coma, she could then see and hear her Council of Elders (a group of ascended masters who advise, teach and nurture her) and became clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, mediumistic, and pre-cognitive.

Lauren remembers 104 of her past lives in detail, including identifying people she meets and what their relationship had been in one or more past lives.

Lauren O. Thyme is a psychic and spiritual reader for the last 55 years. She has also studied and practiced astrology for 46 years.

Ms. Thyme graduated with a B.S. in Psychology from Sierra University in 1988 and studied with Dr. Joshua David Stone for a year, interning in order to become a MFC counselor.

Lauren studied with High Priest of Sekhmet Peter Paddon and was ordained as Priestess of Hathor through the Fellowship of Isis. Lauren created her own Egyptian Lyceum (school) of Hathor, Sekhmet and Anubis, and continued her studies of ancient Egyptian Mystery School. She visited Egypt three times, the last time while leading her own metaphysical tour. Four of her past lifetimes included being an initiate, twice a Priestess, as well as a High Priestess of Hathor at Dendera, Egypt.

In 1996 Lauren had a second major transformational experience and was gifted with a new birthday and birth chart. After that experience Lauren was drawn to travel internationally, visiting sacred sites and writing/publishing articles based on her experiences there. Her website TIME TRAVEL freely promoted metaphysical tours offered by 106 tour companies. She created THE EGYPT STORE and sold Egyptian reproductions. She practiced organic gardening for over 30 years, then bought / operated a permaculture farm on Whidbey Island for 7 years. She now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

THYMELY TALES 2nd edition: Transformational Fairy Tales for Adults and Children;
ALTERNATIVES FOR EVERYONE 2nd edition: A guide to alternative health care;
FORGIVENESS equals FORTUNE 2nd edition (co-authored with Liah Holtzman -- available only on Amazon);
THE LEMURIAN WAY 2nd edition: Remembering your Essential Nature; (available only on Amazon and Kindle);
ALONG THE NILE 2nd edition, a novel set in pre-dynastic Egypt;
FROM THE DEPTHS OF THYME: Life, Sex, and Transformation (a book of poetry);
COSMIC GRANDMA WISDOM (a collection of Lauren’s spiritual and metaphysical essays);
STRANGERS IN PARADISE (a novel of past lives and forgiveness);
TWIN SOULS: A KARMIC LOVE STORY (a novel of past lives and healing relationship karma);
TRAVELING ON THE RIVER OF TIME, a do-it-yourself handbook on exploring past lives.


Delphi and the Greek Warrior
Price: $1.51 USD. Words: 61,020. Language: English. Published: August 17, 2019 . Categories: Fiction » Historical » Classical Greece & Rome, Fiction » Romance » Historical » General
The novel DELPHI and THE GREEK WARRIOR is an extraordinary composite of accurate Greek history with little-known particulars of a tiny group of revered women known as Oracles of Delphi. Lauren examines the plight of ancient women not uncommon to modern feminine issues as she portrays Lady Selene, a heroine we can celebrate in today’s world.
Catherine, Karma, and Complex PTSD
Price: $1.51 USD. Words: 86,290. Language: English. Published: June 20, 2019 . Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Alternative therapies, Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Personal Growth / General
(4.00 from 1 review)
"Catherine, Karma, and Complex PTSD" is a riveting narrative of Lauren’s exploration into psychological and metaphysical realms to restore herself to health. She speaks for millions who are suffering. Included in "Catherine, Karma, and Complex PTSD" are various paths and modalities. This book is valuable for trauma sufferers and loved ones as well psychological professionals.
Thymely Tales: Transformational Fairy Tales for Adults and Children
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 44,260. Language: English. Published: October 20, 2017 . Categories: Fiction » Fairy tales, Fiction » Visionary & metaphysical
Like the Grimm Brothers and Aesop, Thymely Tales combines unforgettable, fantastical characters. Each fairytale in Thymely Tales is based on an actual person, and his/her struggle to learn, grow, and evolve. Stories such are these are amazing vehicles that help people to appreciate and understand profound truths about our lives.
Alternatives for Everyone: A Guide to Non-Traditional Health Care
Price: $1.51 USD. Words: 53,300. Language: English. Published: September 20, 2017 . Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Alternative medicine, Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Healing
An easy-to-understand book describing the wide range of alternative and holistic health care methods available to improve our health. Diseases and medical costs are increasing at alarming rates. Our air, water, and food are contaminated and dangerous. our air, water, and food are contaminated and dangerous. Alternatives for Everyone are needed.
Traveling on the River of Time
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 7,970. Language: English. Published: June 20, 2017 . Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Motivation & inspiration
Traveling on the River of Time is a tool to unearth those recollections. To gently remove difficulties as if with an unseen magic wand. Once having softly disposed of those memories, your life can become easier, less troubled, happier, and more at peace.
Strangers in Paradise
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 47,690. Language: English. Published: April 13, 2017 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » Erotic
Why do we sometimes meet someone and immediately feel rapport? Is it unfinished business? Strangers in Paradise brings friends and lovers into cosmic meetings, while karmic relationships are set into motion, moving to rhythms beyond their control. The interactions and attempts to resolve their differences is the theme of this spiritual, healing, and romantic novel set in lush island of Kauai
Twin Souls, A Karmic Love Story
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 41,280. Language: English. Published: April 13, 2017 . Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Romance
Twin Souls, A Karmic Love Story --- sizzles and crackles, the story replete with twists and turns, sudden disappointments and welcome homecomings. Twin Souls is a partly fictional / partly biographical account of a man and a woman who are bonded through time as twin souls , to return to learn and grow together, from ancient Egypt to modern times. Lonely? Do you yearn for your Twin Soul?
Cosmic Grandma Wisdom
Price: $1.51 USD. Words: 48,010. Language: English. Published: April 13, 2017 . Categories: Nonfiction » New Age » Mysticism
Cosmic Grandma Wisdom is a compilation of 33 spiritual and metaphysical essays. Included are: “There’s no one to blame for our problems;” “Tea with Bin Laden;” “Battle of beliefs;” “What on earth is the sun doing to us?” “The Universal Bank Account;” “Everything is perfect no matter what it looks like;” “The importance of psychic/spiritual discernment” "Lauren's Laws" and supernatural encounters
Along the Nile
Price: $1.51 USD. Words: 116,620. Language: English. Published: April 13, 2017 . Categories: Fiction » Historical » Ancient
(3.00 from 1 review)
Along the Nile is an historical novel set in pre-dynastic Egypt 3200 BC, including --- exotic settings, magickal and spiritual practices, a love story, passion, archaeology, intrigue, religious mysteries, gods and goddesses, history, Pharaoh Narmer, the Nile river, and warfare ---- resulting in the creation of a unified Egypt. Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) words are used, with a glossary attached.
From the Depths of Thyme: Life, Sex and Transformation
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 9,770. Language: English. Published: June 10, 2015 . Categories: Poetry » Contemporary Poetry
Poetry speaks for me when I cannot easily or thoroughly articulate what I’m feeling and experiencing. Thus my poetry emerges from “the depths” of me, where symbols, metaphors, and emotions surge and become words. My life journeys include being a psychic counselor, spiritual seeker, abused child, recovering adult, many love relationships gained and lost, an activist, philosopher, astrologer, writer

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