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Best-selling author of The Surrender Trilogy, Sidney’s Triple Shot, and The Gray Pack, Lori King is also a full-time wife and mother of three boys. She rarely has time to just enjoy feminine pursuits, but at heart she is a hopeless romantic, so she spends her days dreaming up Alpha men, and her nights telling their stories.
Find out more about her current projects at http://LoriKingBooks.com, or look her up on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LoriKingBooks or Twitter: https://twitter.com/LoriKingBooks.

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What is your writing process?
I'm a simple woman. I just need my laptop and my headphones. Usually I have kids running around the house screaming while I'm trying to work, so silence isn't required. Instead I like to put on a playlist of music to fit the story I'm working on, or a thunderstorm if I haven't figured out the playlist yet. Something about the sound of rain and thunder spurs my creativity. Then I open a Word doc and start typing.
How do you approach cover design?
I'm a very visual person, so I've actually bought books based on the cover and never even read the blurb. I know, terrible right? I try to focus on the overall vibe of the story. If it's erotic I want the cover to be sensual and sexy, but not over the top. I'm not a fan of full nudity, but I'm a huge fan of ripped abs. :) I'm lucky to have a fantastic cover designer with Covers by After Dark. I send her the blurb, character details and a few ideas and she creates magic.
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Crawley Creek
In a small town in North Dakota there resides a family of misfits on the Crawley Creek Ranch. Brought together by hardship, and heartache they've bonded without blood ties, and seek to help others. Four brothers who've walked both sides of the line, and come out stronger for it, but will they survive love, loss, and the law?

Forget Me Knot

Price: Free!

Rough Ride Romeo

Price: $3.99 USD.

Claiming His Cowgirl

Price: $3.99 USD.

Sunnyside Up

Price: $2.99 USD.

Hawke's Salvation

Price: $3.99 USD.
Fetish & Fantasy

Watching Sin

Price: Free!

Submission Dance

Price: $2.99 USD.

Mistress Hedonism

Price: $0.99 USD.


Price: $0.99 USD.


Haunted By Love
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 15,020. Language: English. Published: January 2, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
It was the dare to end all dares, and she didn’t have the option of backing down. Spend Halloween night in the haunted castle in the forest. She figured it would be easy enough; after all, she didn’t believe in ghosts. To overcome, he has to reach her, but she doesn’t believe. Will they both spend the rest of eternity haunted by love?
Pieced Together
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 20,660. Language: English. Published: December 6, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
Two fractured souls must lean on each other to heal physically and emotionally….   Despite her scarred soul, Karly is drawn to Garret in every possible way. Like puzzle pieces scattered on the floor, they must figure out how to trust in themselves and each other. Picking up the pieces might mean a whole new world for both of them.
Sidney’s Triple Shot
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 99,040. Language: English. Published: June 11, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
Sidney Rowe has been abused in ways that most people can’t even imagine. After a horrific miscarriage, she left behind everything she had to escape her ex-boyfriend. She finds refuge in the kindness of the three Dawson brothers. They give her a job and a sense of security in the small town of Apache Crossing.
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 15,180. Language: English. Published: April 24, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
Annabelle Raven has grown up with Nix Whiteoak as her family’s deadly enemy, while he has spent years defending his family from her pack’s killer forces. Both sides have lost in this feud as they find themselves dying off with only a legend to guide them. They’d both do anything to protect and care for their families, even if that means marrying the enemy.
The Marine’s Seduction
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 43,650. Language: English. Published: March 21, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
Best friends since childhood, Bristol Abbot and Roan Storm wouldn’t dream of mucking up their relationship with sex, until his deployment going away party and too much tequila drive them together. Six weeks later, there’s more than just friendship at stake. Bristol is pregnant while Roan is stationed overseas for six more months, and neither knows what comes next.
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 19,650. Language: English. Published: October 17, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
Dr. Quinn Jameson has secured his future by immersing himself in his career, but no amount of money in the world can ease his loneliness. Polar bear shifters aren’t pack creatures, but his soul craves more out of life. When a feisty, female tiger shifter begs him for help, he’s unable to resist and finds himself embroiled in a dangerous situation.
Fantasy Surrender
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 49,900. Language: English. Published: September 19, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
Rachel Morgan lives every woman’s fantasy with her four cowboy husbands. Each man exemplifies something she’s always wanted in a man, and they treat her like a queen. As they approach their five year wedding anniversary, the guys have asked her what she’d like to do to celebrate, but she’s nervous about telling them the truth. It’s insane to want to be chased again, right?
The Lawman's Lover
Series: Crawley Creek, Book 7. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 24,260. Language: English. Published: April 6, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
A divorcee whose broken dreams are buried so deep she can’t remember where she put them. A Deputy Sheriff with a mountain of responsibilities weighing him down. A fling. No strings attached. No plans for the future. Until someone’s heart gets broken.
Crawley Creek Bundle 2
Price: $8.99 USD. Words: 109,120. Language: English. Published: February 11, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Western, Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
In a small town in North Dakota there resides a family of misfits on the Crawley Creek Ranch. Brought together by hardship, and heartache they’ve bonded without blood ties, and seek to help others. Four brothers who’ve walked both sides of the line, and come out stronger for it, but will they survive love, loss, and the law?
Crawley Creek Bundle 1
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 104,220. Language: English. Published: February 11, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Western, Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
In a small town in North Dakota there resides a family of misfits on the Crawley Creek Ranch. Brought together by hardship, and heartache they’ve bonded without blood ties, and seek to help others. Four brothers who’ve walked both sides of the line, and come out stronger for it, but will they survive love, loss, and the law?
Paw Prints on Her Heart
Series: Crawley Creek, Book 8. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 48,090. Language: English. Published: February 11, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Western, Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
Payton Storm served her country with honor and loyalty, until an IED ended her career and scarred her for life. Struggling to overcome PTSD and find her purpose in life again, she agrees to a long-term stay at Crawley Creek Ranch under the care of a PTSD specialist. She’s surrounded by happy people who have no comprehension of the nightmares she battles.
Handcuffed by Destiny
Series: Crawley Creek, Book 6. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 49,000. Language: English. Published: August 23, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary, Fiction » Romance » Western
A broken woman… After being kidnapped, tortured and surviving the brutality at the hands of human traffickers, Destiny Warren still finds everyday a struggle. Everyday Destiny works to overcome her injuries, both visible and hidden. Despite her overpowering fear, she finds herself drawn to her rescuer, Brandon Bowers.
Tempting Tanner
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 25,310. Language: English. Published: June 14, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
Ashley Gahl lost her virginity in a wild moment of passion after a night of celebration, and Tanner Lake has haunted her dreams ever since. One-night flings aren’t suitable for relationships, so she’s determined to pretend it never happened, only he reappears in her life, and throws her carefully laid out plans into disarray. Is she really ready for the whirlwind that Tempting Tanner with bring?
Hawke's Salvation
Series: Crawley Creek, Book 5. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 43,500. Language: English. Published: March 25, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Western, Fiction » Romance » Suspense
Hawke Kapshaw can't stop fantasizing about the new ranch psychiatrist Jeannette Hall. A city girl with more education then common sense, she is the polar opposite of the ranch-raised Crawley Creek brothers. He knows he should stay away from the fiery, uptight woman, but he’s captivated and can’t keep his distance. If only he could figure out a way to show her he can be the man of her dreams.
Sunnyside Up
Series: Crawley Creek, Book 4. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 23,810. Language: English. Published: January 26, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary, Fiction » Romance » Western
One problem after another forced Lacy and Drannon into a humorous wedding in Las Vegas. While they were saying "I Do", their ranch in North Dakota was inundated by flood waters. Now that they are back home at Crawley Creek, Drannon wants to give Lacy the reception she dreamed of. However, good intentions never go unpunished as their happy day is beset by issues.
Broken Surrender
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 42,660. Language: English. Published: November 2, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Holiday » Humorous, Fiction » Romance » Erotic
One bullet made it physically impossible for Sarah Bryant to fulfill her dreams of a military career. Silas and Jeremy are two brothers who are as different as Texas is big. Sarah has too many doubts about herself to believe she can be enough for one man let alone two. Can these souls find what they need to grow together, or will they leave more emotional scars to match their physical ones?
Series: Fetish & Fantasy. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 23,000. Language: English. Published: October 20, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » BDSM, Fiction » Romance » Erotic
One night. Two people. One risky move. Can a submissive find happiness being auctioned off to a Dom she only knows as a business associate? Can a Dominant chance creating a bond with a brand new submissive when he’s determined to stay a bachelor? When the mask is lifted away, and both of them are exposed, can they seek comfort from each other and experience their secret fantasies?
Claiming His Cowgirl
Series: Crawley Creek, Book 3. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 46,350. Language: English. Published: August 25, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Suspense, Fiction » Romance » Western
Lauren Kensington was not looking for love but she found it just in time to get her heart broken. Vincent Rhone has walked a tough path, but he’s overcome his obstacles to become a better man. His only regret is pushing Lauren out of his life in an effort to protect her from his wild nature. Forced to lean on each other when nature strikes, these two heartbroken lovers will confront their past.
Price: Free! Words: 14,950. Language: English. Published: July 7, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Western, Fiction » Romance » Historical
(4.00 from 1 review)
Second chances and new beginnings are a way of life at Crawley Creek. Everyone is welcome. *Note from the author: This is a short prequel to the Crawley Creek Series.
Rough Ride Romeo
Series: Crawley Creek, Book 2. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 53,890. Language: English. Published: May 31, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Western, Fiction » Romance » Suspense
Cowboys don’t cry, but Roman “Romeo” Freemont certainly has enough tragic history to spend his days teary-eyed. Instead he’s turned to women and liquor in an effort to soothe his aches and pains, but when a petite brunette with a feisty temper comes crashing into his world, he realizes what he’s been missing.
Forget Me Knot
Series: Crawley Creek, Book 1. Price: Free! Words: 55,660. Language: English. Published: March 28, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Western, Fiction » Women's fiction » General
In a small town in North Dakota there resides a family of misfits on the Crawley Creek Ranch. Brought together by hardship, and heartache they’ve bonded without blood ties, and seek to help others. Four brothers who’ve walked both sides of the line, and come out stronger for it, but will they survive love, loss, and the law?
Primal Surrender (Surrender Series 3)
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 64,890. Language: English. Published: January 30, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Western, Fiction » Romance » Erotic
Claudia Schmidt has a job to do, and she won’t let anyone get in her way. Not even an enormous blonde cowboy with a knack for seduction…or his brother? When offered two options she can’t help but crave a taste of both. Will this love triangle end in heart ache, or come full circle? Menage M/F/M - there is no touching or titillation between the heroes
Flawless Surrender
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 64,140. Language: English. Published: January 30, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Erotic, Fiction » Romance » Suspense
No one knows better than Zoey what it’s like to be ashamed of the past, but when her past threatens to swallow the future she’s worked so hard for, she finds herself being rescued by three white knights in Stetsons and blue jeans. Before they can move forward they must each accept and admit their flaws… Menage M/F/M/M - there is no touching or titillation between the heroes
Weekend Surrender
Price: Free! Words: 57,800. Language: English. Published: January 30, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Erotic, Fiction » Romance » Western
Rachel Morgan is tired of investing her heart, but can she hold onto it when four tall dark and dangerous cowboys are determined to steal it? One scorching weekend of seduction and romance will make her question everything she knows… *Menage M/F/M/M/M, there is no touching or titillation between the heroes.
Mistress Hedonism
Series: Fetish & Fantasy. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 27,600. Language: English. Published: September 30, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » BDSM, Fiction » Erotica » Menage/Multiple Partners
In the darkest shadows of his brain, Wyatt Marks has a secret fantasy. Will Mistress Ana, and her submissive Foster be able to fulfill Wyatt’s desires, or will he be the one breaking their hearts? In a world where pleasure is the only priority, how will he know what’s real and what’s play?
Submission Dance
Series: Fetish & Fantasy. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 34,160. Language: English. Published: July 28, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » BDSM, Fiction » Erotica » Couples Erotica
Marley Saltzman has a secret fantasy. She wants to let go, and submit to a Dominant. Intrigued by the BDSM lifestyle, she attends his monthly fetish party. She had no idea how far out of her element she would be until she came face to face with an experienced Dom. Will this dance end in heartache, or will they both find their darkest fantasies fulfilled?
Watching Sin
Series: Fetish & Fantasy. Price: Free! Words: 19,920. Language: English. Published: June 13, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Menage/Multiple Partners, Fiction » Erotica » BDSM
Married couple Alana and Doug explore their darkest fantasies with their best friend Killian, but all three players will learn that sometimes watching just isn't enough... Warning: MMF, MM interaction

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