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I am a full time college student who loves to write. I sit in boring classes all day and my mind takes me away on fabulous adventures. my head gets so crammed that I have to put some of them down in writing. I'm working on two books right now. I don't know when but I hope to publish my first smashwords book in the next year so please look for it!


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  • Prince of Wolves, Book 1 The Grey Wolves Series on March 26, 2013

    I loved this series, but I warn you it's intense. This first book starts out by hooking you soooo deeply that you are just going to have to sit back and enjoy the ride. I read all six books in two and a half days if that helps. Anyway, I just love the concept of the mate in these books, it's so sweet and so deep, I've never seen an author portray love that way, the way it's supposed to be and we all hope it is. So my advise is to grab a chair, get ready to perch on the end of it quite often, then wrap yourself in a blanked while you swoon and remind yourself to breathe, and go for it! Also a good cup of coffee will do wonders....Oh and book 7 hurry up!