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I am an author and lecturer at MMU.
My works of fiction include 'Events', 'The Letter', and 'The Figures.' I am also co-editor of 'The Continuum Companion to Kant'.

'Atherfield's Final Formula' is now available. as well as two short stories, 'The Room' and 'The Resident' (which will be published together). I will also be publishing a new short story, 'The Visitor', here at Smashwords in 2013. I am at present working on a short novel length work of fiction called 'The Place', which will be available later in the year. The story revolves around the main character, Klein, who pases through a perplexing sequence of events, whilst coming into contact with various friends and foes, often without being able to distinguish between these categories. At one particular stage, Klein comes into contact with a quasi-monastic order of enigmatic hedge-cutters, who are working in a maze, and following the dictates of a manual of half-articulated rules (as well as a semblance of intuition); Klein has to decide whether to join the hedge-cutters, or risk venturing further into the daunting regions of the maze.

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    Mark Coker's book is ideal for all aspiring authors and publishers just starting out in the publishing business. Sound advice is given on how to prepare a book for publication on Smashwords. Any writer not familiar with formatting will be taken through an easy step-by-step guide on how to get their book ready for publication. There is also a link to Coker’s book on how best to maximise one’s work through social media and other forms of marketing.