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The main things you need to know about me is that I am an avid reader myself and that I write what I love to read--action-packed, fast-paced, novels into which I try to inject a touch of humor and a bit of useful information about preparing for emergencies.

Another thing you should know is that I honor my readers by trying my best to deliver an entertaining and complete tale in each novel. Even when I’m writing a trilogy or a series I will not leave you hanging because I never want my readers to feel cheated. Far from it. In an ideal world I want for you to look forward to my next novel with the same sense of eager anticipation I have at the release of each of Robert Crais’ books.

The major influences on my writing style comes from the authors I love to read--Louis L’Amour, Stephen King, Frank Herbert, J.R.R Tolkien and Elmore Leonard to name but a few.

Aside from The Dying Time: Impact, which has already been released, I have other manuscripts I'm in the process of formatting for release as ebooks. Among them are:

TAP DOUBT: Terrorists are poisoning America's water supplies using an environmental cleanup firm as cover for their activities. Ousted CEO Nick Kuiper hires a beautiful con artist and her legendary grifter father to get his company back. When they tumble to the plot all hell breaks loose.

AMERICAN JIHAD: When the towers fell on 9/11, American Arab Aden Saud lost his parents and ended up with a piece of shrapnel in his head, leaving him with a burning desire to take the war to the terrorists--one bullet at a time. But can he and the CIA operative assigned to stop him prevent a new attack on American soil?

AFTER THE DYING TIME: (Sequel to THE DYING TIME: IMPACT and Book 2 in THE DYING TIME TRILOGY) In a post-Impact world there are Kings, subjects, slaves and those desperately fighting to remain free. Twelve years after The Dying Time Impact, Joseph Scarlatti reigns as King of California, or at least that’s what he’s called to his face. Behind his back the words tyrant, butcher, monster and cannibal are spoken softly in fear of being overheard. His spies are everywhere. His empire spans the remains of the entire West Coast. But his need for power is all consuming so he invades the Colorado Freeholds and the Nation of Deseret (formerly Utah) and he hasn’t forgotten about gaining control of the top secret weapon that can assure him of world domination.

On the moon, where the crew of the International Space Station relocated to survive, a mutiny is brewing. The population is growing, resources are getting scarce, their power supply is failing and people are getting sick of military rule.

There’s also a growing fear that if anyone on Earth gains control of The Weapon they’ll use it against Luna City and plans are hatched to destroy the space based laser.

Meanwhile, Havoc’s twin is hurtling toward Earth and that weapon is the only thing that can prevent another Dying Time.

As a prepper living in the desert Southwest I'm concerned about water quality and availability, how to maximize use of our abundant solar energy on our mini-homestead and how to grow non-GMO, heirloom vegetables sustainably.

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
"When the Impact destroyed civilization and re-sculpted the globe the only survivors were the hastily expanded crew of the ISS, who watched the devastation below with growing horror, while wondering if they would ever get to go home, a few Preppers, whose stores of food and other commodities made them irresistible targets and the desperate hordes who would do anything--eat anyone--to live."

That's the "jacket blurb" for The Dying Time: Impact and I hope it works as a hook for the book, but try this.

Imagine being a thousand miles from the actual impact site and being almost deafened by the sound and seeing buildings flattened by the shock wave. You are thrown off your feet by jolting earthquakes that peg the Richter scale, nearly burned to death by fire falls--think rain showers but with magma--and if you live along a coastline (or likely anywhere within several hours drive) you'll be swept away by tsunamis large as mountains. And those are just the immediate effects. Follow them with Impact Winter that lasts for years, plagues, starvation and having to defend your family against those who would murder, enslave, or eat them and you have an inkling of what Michael and Ellen Whitebear must endure to survive and begin rebuilding.

Meanwhile, aboard the International Space Station, the hastily expanded crew view the devastation below with growing horror and despair. Sent up to the ISS as our last hope at repopulating Earth should humanity become extinct there observing the cataclysm makes them wonder it they will ever get to go home. Besides, they have problems of their own.
How did you get interested in Apocalyptic Action Adventure fiction?
My fascination with Apocalyptic fiction began when, at the impressionable age of ten, I read "Star Man's Son" by Andre Norton and found myself having a series of exciting adventures in the post-apocalyptic landscape of 2250 A.D. I was hooked and later on, when I read Stephen King's "The Stand" and Robert McCammon's "Swan Song" I was addicted. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading the genre ever since. And when they started making movies like Mad Max, Armageddon, and Deep Impact, I was in heaven.
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Bugging In: What To Do When TSHTF and You Live In Suburbia
Price: Free! Words: 96,860. Language: English. Published: July 13, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Home & Garden » Sustainable living, Nonfiction » Home & Garden » Green living
What if The S**t Hits The Fan and no help is coming? How would you provide for your family? How would you protect them and defend your home? This book will help you develop a plan to survive and possibly thrive during hard times. It offers specific, real world, time-tested survival strategies tailored for suburban life. Be prepared and you won't have to be sorry.

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