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Born in Michigan I began my writing career in 2004 after writing privately for several years. I've written short stories, novels, and web comics of different genres. However, my primary interest and passion is for M/M romance (Yaoi, BL, LGBT).

Favorite Genres: Horror, Sci Fi, and Fantasy
Favorite Hero types: Anti-Heroes
Favorite Villains: Crazy, and if male, sexy :)
Favorite Monster Types: Vampires and Zombies (Infected)

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Smashwords Interview

How do you approach cover design?
I've had my fair share of screw ups when it came to designing a cover and will probably always screw up but I like to think I've gotten better. I try to think of something that would catch the reader's attention and make them want to pick up my book over anyone else's while still conveying what the story is about in some way. I think I've had more success with my Boys in love series because I've used a very talented artist for the covers while I focus on the placement of the titles, font, and so on that I believe fit the style and atmosphere of the story.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
Hm, this one is rough.

Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice
Lost Souls by Poppy Z Brite
Necroscope series by Brian Lumley

I'm sure I'm way past five books by including an entire series lol!

These are the books I can read over and over again. I love the characters, the style, everything. I love Anne Rice's Vampires when I was younger and I was very much into Vampires that killed but were also soft in the sense that under the right circumstances I could be spared. But as time passed I wanted something darker and more gritty. I wanted less of the gothic poetry and something a bit more real. I eventually discovered Poppy z Brite and Brian Lumley and I have to say that I would never want to meet any of their Vampires. lol! But that's also what I love the most about them.
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