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Smashwords book reviews by Shantella Bonds

  • Breeding My Naughty Students on Aug. 03, 2013

    The story is mainly well-written. The only real problem was that the word "pounding" was used a lot. At some points, I felt that more details were needed such as - "in an expert way". I felt that this needed elaboration. Good story and very stimulating.
  • Rachel's Coming on Aug. 03, 2013

    Good storyline, but would like more information about Haley. I don't like her simply being "out of it". Good read.
  • Fuck Buddy Threeseome on Aug. 03, 2013

    Storyline was okay. The story needs to be edited, though. Too many grammatical issues and using too much simple vocabulary and repeated words. I felt that the woman needed to feel some discomfort during the anal sex - especially if the member was big and she's never done it before. Could be a great story but it needs to be edited badly.
  • Forbidden Sex At The Moon Cult!!! on Aug. 03, 2013

    The plot idea was good but needs more depth. I would like to know why heterosexual relatons were forbidden. The details about setting was minimal, and I would have like to know more about the moon facilities. It was mentioned that they can make love to whoever they want when they take the suicide pill, but why does character say later that she would never be with a man if she leaves - this needs to be clarified. How did Moon Man 22 know that 31 was interested? Was 22 with her when she accidentally saw him? Ending was too abrupt. I would like to have more clues about the man that popped up near the end. "And we all lived happily ever after" was unnecessary and clique. The storyline wasn't so bad, though. I think this story could be great if information is clarified.
  • Love Out Of Lust - Part One on Aug. 03, 2013

    Nice writing style. Realistic and good plot. There are some grammatical errors, but storyline and pacing was good. I would like to read more stories from this author. I thought the story as Part One ended well.
  • Pegging in the Arrears on Aug. 03, 2013

    Funny, good storyline and stimulating. I would like to read more from this author. There are some grammatical errors for example (its instead of it's) but it was an enjoyable read.
  • My Neighborhood-9- A Going Away Pary on Aug. 03, 2013

    Stimulating and good story. Good details and nice demonstration of products
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Other Tales... on Nov. 17, 2013

    Enjoyable read. My favorite stories are "The Fisherman and HIs Wife" and "The Haughty Princess. The stores were written in a conversational tone that was so funny. I would like to read more from this author.
  • To Make a King (Sexy Egyptian Inspired Erotica) on Nov. 17, 2013

    Excellent! Well-written and nice twists in story. The pacing was great and the story was original.
  • Immortal Blush on Dec. 29, 2013

    The sex was basic but cute. I was confused at the beginning. I wondered what her predicament was. I felt that I was mising part of the story. Cute story but needed more information.
  • Looking Back Through Old Photos - An Erotic Short Story on Dec. 29, 2013

    The story had a bit of a slow start. I felt that some information in the beginning should have been condensed or left out. The description of the sexual acts were well-written and spicy.
  • Interracial Ride on Dec. 29, 2013

    The author used a common meeting scenario, but the story was nicely written. I enjoyed the spicy details.
  • ....The Morning After - an erotic short story on Dec. 30, 2013

    Good short story, love the use of the mirror, and I love the ending.
  • Sleepover: BDSM Flash Fiction on Dec. 30, 2013

    Basic Bdsm story, but well-written, would like a little more description of character, though
  • Bewitching Embrace 1 on Dec. 30, 2013

    Well-written, good suspense and sex scenes, details make me want to know what will happen next
  • My Only Concern Was To Please Him: Vol. 1 on Jan. 01, 2014

    Nice story but too much narrative. I would like to see more dialogue especially when he's commanding. I think putting in some dialogue would make story stronger.
  • FLAMING HOT - Erotica Romance Short Story on Jan. 01, 2014

    Story needed more details. I wanted to know more about the atmosphere and physical descriptions. Couple of cliches and statements such as "hot knife through butter". Needed to be more original. Some typos and grammatical errors such as (patties for panties, its for it's).
  • A Sultry State of Affairs - Part One on Jan. 01, 2014

    Story had good pace and character descriptions, but I would like to know if her physical appearance has improved at the end since her deshelved appearance was mentioned early on in the story.
  • Take Control - Erotica Romance Short Story on Jan. 01, 2014

    Good with describing clothes but need more physical descriptions. Pace was too fast. Needed to describe sexual acts more to create tension and to make more stimulating. Too much unnecessay dialogue especially in the beginning. Most of dialogue seemed unnatural which made it unsexy. Could be a much better story if there were more details.