The Bug Books


When my oldest started Kindergarten, she had a tough time. I put notes in her lunch but the school didn't always have time to read them to her. So I changed the notes to silly sentences, like "The cat sat on the mat by the bat." She was excited to read the notes and even gave them away to friends who also liked to read them. After she wrote her own story called "The Bug And I Have A Sleepover" with a picture of a small bug and herself, I started writing The Bug Books.

The Bug Books are for beginning readers in Kindergarten and First Grade. The goal is to have your own little bug read to you. The books use sight words, simple phonetic words, simple rules words, repetition, and basic pictures to promote "I can read it by myself!" smiles. However, just as all our special little bugs are different, so are all the schools they attend. The amount of assistance needed depends on the teaching method, full day versus half day programs, how far along in the school year your little bug is, their own individual level, and the level of the book itself. The Bug Books range from one sentence per page stories like "The Bug And The Car" and "The Bug And Bat At The Park" to more complex stories with multiple sentences per page like "The Bug And Little Kitty Learn We Are All Different" and "The Bug And Little Kitty Change Their Dreams."

My youngest has severe allergies. She has suffered through asthma, eczema, and hives since she was born. She is allergic to peanuts, walnuts, sesame/flax seeds, pollen, mold, dust, sorbates, benzoates, and parabens. The last three are preservatives and they are in many of the processed foods, drinks, liquid medicines, and even toothpaste in the USA. We read the labels of everything we buy now and have eliminated most processed foods which means more time at the store and in the kitchen preparing meals. Because of the challenges we have faced with my youngest, I appreciate more than ever now just how precious our health, time, and resources really are. Which is why we donate 50% of The Bug Books net proceeds to non-profit organizations to help make the world a little better for all bugs, big and little.

We appreciate your considering The Bug Books and we wish you happy reading and lots of "Forever Hugs!"


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