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I have been writing short stories since 9 years old, changed to writing novels 4 years ago. in that time, I've written 69, now working on my 70th; thirty-one of which have been published in the US by Renaissance ebooks and Publishing by Rebecca J Vickery. I am also publishing on Smashwords. Society of Vampires volume 1, published by Rebecca J Vickery, Publishers, US; has also been forwarded by Rebecca to Francis Ford Coppola for consideration as a movie. So it's all go at the moment.
I have three daughters, all of whom I regularly see. My wife of 31 years, Penny, passed away on March 17, 2011.
I live in a retirement village in Caboolture Queensland with my dog, Scamp. He is my main critic and friend.

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The Prisoner
Price: Free! Words: 20,710. Language: English. Published: April 19, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Historical » Australia & New Zealand
(5.00 from 1 review)
The first 50 years of Australia's settlement by the white man was a time of brutality, cruelty, and harshness - not always on the part of the prisoners. One man, transported for a crime today's world would consider minor, finds that regardless of his crime, regardless of his past, he comes to a time when he discovers some things are worth dying for.
Strange Tales, Dark Thoughts volume III
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 22,280. Language: English. Published: December 12, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Horror
Two tales that will have the hairs on the back of your neck rising, and alter your conception of the decency of man as you know it.
Strange Tales, Dark Thoughts volume II
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 22,190. Language: English. Published: November 9, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Horror
A collection of short stories in the horror genre: some weird, some strange, some downright unbelievable, but all designed to make the reader think...and think again, then leave the bedside light burning through the night.
Curse from the Dark Continent
Price: $2.50 USD. Words: 42,580. Language: English. Published: October 25, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Plays & Screenplays » European
Alan Carmody, a cattle breeder in South Africa, loses everything when an evil witchdoctor causes his negro hands to run off, after burning and looting his farm and killing his family. He kills the witchdoctor and emigrates to Australia, but the witchdoctor's spirit in the giuse of a cheetah, begins hunting down all with whom he comes into contact in this new country, until only Alan is left.
The Death House
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 25,880. Language: English. Published: October 10, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Horror
In the early days of rail, a shack was built on railway property to house the bodies of those killed on or near the rail. It became known as the Death House. this collection of short stories features mysteries all connected to the death house in some eerie and evil way.
Dr Alexander V Weemis
Price: $2.50 USD. Words: 54,670. Language: English. Published: September 29, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Couples Erotica
A doctor is sentenced to transportation to australia for life, and develops a hunger for human flesh. his insanity reaches new heights when he meets the woman of his dreams...or is it nightmares?
Strange Tales, Dark Thoughts volume I
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 19,710. Language: English. Published: September 20, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Horror
A collection of tales of the strange, the weird, and the frightening. Just the thing to read on a dark night when the lightning flashes, and the thunder crashes, and all the doors are locked.
The Vyrkolaka
Price: $2.50 USD. Words: 42,830. Language: English. Published: September 7, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Plays & Screenplays » American
the greeks say if a body is left unguarded between death and burial it will rise to prey on its kin. charles comstock drowns off the island of Santorini, and is transported to sydney for burial, but he rises to kill his kin one by one - and all that stand between it and success are an old greek woman and a disbelieving young priest.
Shadow of Hecate
Price: $2.50 USD. Words: 41,830. Language: English. Published: August 23, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Plays & Screenplays » American
an old jewish man is murdered in 1800's sydney by a gang of thugs, and his wife, a witch, uses her familiar, a large dog, as a murder weapon to slaughter one by one the gang. blood runs free in the streets, and a journalist is left in the middle of a mystery he cannot unravel...
The Vampires of Port Arthur
Price: $2.50 USD. Words: 50,860. Language: English. Published: August 21, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Plays & Screenplays » American
a family of five vampires are driven out of their lair in Eastern Europe and board ship for australia, the state of van diemen's land, where a new prison colony is being built. saul, the teenage vampire, falls in love and watches in horror as his new love turns from what she was into what she has become. one by one, they are killed off until only one remains. but which one is it?

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