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Carl Daoust is a passionate writer and artist, producing countless comic strips and short illustrated stories during his adolescence.

He’s worked in the field of marketing at Reader’s Digest and at many advertising agencies as Director of the strategic and creative process, writing hundreds of proposals and copy for countless campaigns, producing articles for marketing magazines, and speaking at many conferences of the Canadian Relationship Marketing Association.

He’s also been the recipient of industry and literary awards. One prominent best-selling author said: “Carl is one of nature’s curiosities, always conspiring to produce the almost-unimaginable and never afraid to rock time-honored dogma.”

Smashwords Interview

By MINO DALLOSTO, author of the groundbreaking article The Role and Power of Mental Models published by the Integral Leadership Review. For starters, the title certainly is controversial.
No bible is actually set on fire in the novel. It’s a metaphor for the very real threat the boy’s origins represent to biblical beliefs and notions. The concept of fire is used to convey a force capable of breaking down and reducing to nothingness material and abstract objects.
It is indeed a powerful image. I found Theon E. Rex, the aforementioned boy, quite nuanced in character. What was the basis for his creation?
I used myself as a point of reference. I’m a fan of stories depicting the classic battle of Good versus Evil, especially those where the line between both is unclear, creating a new brand of protagonist: the Anti-Hero, where the battle is waged as much within one’s psyche as without. It makes for a much more subtle and compelling story. As one who recognized his own demons, I often imagined how they would manifest if I had extraordinary powers. People would hail me and fear me. And through it all, I would find relief alternating with suffering, magnified by a young boy’s immaturity and maladroitness.
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The Boy Who Set Fire to the Bible
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 146,760. Language: American English. Published: July 28, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Historical, Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
Theon E. Rex is a boy plagued by dark forces. He’s the Pope’s greatest threat; the Priory of Sion’s definitive proof; and Satan’s ultimate weapon. Carried to Hell before his time, he seeks the help of Leonardo Da Vinci and Satan’s daughter. A frantic race ensues across Hell and into Heaven to find a cure to Theon’s explosive curse. What they discover about his origins is unthinkable...even to God.

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