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Hi! I’m CJ =), a work-from-home mom and wife of a P90xer. When my husband decided to give P90x a go, we made a deal: he’d commit to doing the exercises without fail, and I’d manage the food. He promised to eat anything that I put in front of him! So, I memorized the nutrition guide from cover to cover, researched supplements, protein powders, bars, the works.

As I managed my hubby's portion approach, I developed a p90x nutrition journal document to keep track of his meals. I thought it might be useful to other P90xers out there, so I started a blog to share it, and http://myp90xnutritionplan.com was born! I also began coming up with P90x recipes that fit into the portion approach, so I started posting them there as well.

Well here we are, almost two years and 80+ recipes later. Not only was my hubby successful at P90x, my P90x nutrition and recipes blog is a hit! Kind of ironic, since I've always hated cooking! LOL. But turns out that this is something that P90xers and I have in common - I don't cook for pleasure, and neither do P90xers who are exercising for an hour or more each day.

My newest endeavor is a line of P90x meal plan and shopping list ebooks to support P90xers in the nutrition side of P90x. I'm starting with Level 2, Phase 1, and if there continues to be interest, I'll expand these to the other two levels and the remaining phases.

I am not a doctor or nutritionist. I don’t have any training in this – I’ve just done a lot of research over the last couple of years as I planned my husband’s portion approach and answered questions from my blog readers. So here is the inevitable C.M.A. statement - while I share my opinions about P90x nutrition, my advice should not replace that of your doctor, nutritionist, priest, rabbi, etc.!

I should also mention that I’m not employed by or affiliated with Beachbody or P90x in any way. I am not a Beachbody coach, and I’m not trying to sell anyone on P90x. My goal is to share the results of my research into P90x nutrition and the new recipes I’ve come up with, in the hopes that it will make starting out easier for other people than it was for us!

I hope this is helpful – keep pressing play and don’t forget to BRING IT!
– CJ =)

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My P90x Nutrition Plan: Menus and Shopping Lists for Fat Shredder, Phase 1, Level II
Price: $5.49 USD. Words: 9,280. Language: English. Published: February 11, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Nutrition, Nonfiction » Cooking, Food, Wine, Spirits » Health & healing / low carbohydrate
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P90x, Beachbody's extreme fitness program, is hard enough without worrying about planning your meals using the P90x nutrition guide! This handy meal plan with shopping lists for Phase 1, Level II removes the guesswork. Provides variety and comfort foods, uses common ingredients and leftovers, and is designed for lunches at work. Also includes cost saving tips for accomplishing P90x on a budget!

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