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Smashwords book reviews by Bosede Oluwayomi

  • Church Boyz 1 (Rod of the Wicked) on June 09, 2015

    I totally love this book and the fact that it exposes what happens at churches and the fact that we need to pray for them and our church leaders. I couldn't stop turning the pages.
  • Second Chances: The Power of Renewal on June 09, 2015

    Wow. Thank you woman of God for this powerful book. It a must read and it has opened up my understanding of how we torture ourselves unnecessarily for mistakes that cannot be undone. I cound not stop turning the pages until i finished it. Thank you so much. God bless. PLEASE keep writing.
  • A Brother's Duty on Oct. 25, 2015

    Wow. Totally blown away. Indeed God is still in the business of restoration. Great book
  • Rescued Runaway on Oct. 25, 2015

  • Running Home on Oct. 25, 2015

  • Shackles on Jan. 08, 2016
    (no rating)
    There is power in the name and blood of Jesus. We are always welcomed into God's loving arms no matter how far we have strayed. Thank you Dianne Wilson for this wonderful book. An eye opener and a guide to help us break free from whatever bondage we allow to hold us down. I couldn't stop reading till i finished it!
  • Lina's Holy Struggle on Jan. 08, 2016

    Speechless!!! An eye opener to Christian persecution. An inspirational novel about Faith in Christ Jesus and holding unto him through water and fire. Brilliant book. Continue to shine for Jesus Mr. Riner
  • The Struggling Virgin on Jan. 08, 2016

    A book about what we Christian singles face and a perfect example of how to deal with such dilemma as sexual purity. Thank you
  • Twist of Faith on May 13, 2016

    Wow! Indeed God makes beauty from ashes. No matter where you come from or where you are at...God can turn things around and give a glorious future. Thank you for the life changing story of Alex and Sherry and the rest of the cast. God does work in mysterious ways
  • The Incubus on Sep. 22, 2016
    (no rating)
    Wow!!! A page turner indeed but my spiritual life definitely got challenged especially my faith in God. I am also encouraged that indeed our helper which is God neither sleeps nor slumbers. Thank you for writing this book and sharing it with us.
  • Only Through Love on Sep. 24, 2016

    I was on my toes from the first page and only relaxed towards the end. I like the quotes at the beginning of every chapter and i took some from the characters' lines to share with friends ...they are that good and spoke to my heart. This is a book about forgiving oneself and others and learning to not allow ourselves to be manipulated by those we love especially for evil. I love Paul and Alice's character...loving, understanding, not judgmental and full of love. I enjoyed the book from the beginning to the end. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. God bless
  • The Envelope on Sep. 24, 2016

    It is interesting how one tragedy can turn us away from the will of God. To give us some space, Father might allow us to go our way for a while and even use us there but we must never remain comfortable where we do not belong. This story has inspired me to remain steadfast in faith for God will take me to my place of destiny at His perfect time. I love the way you boldly describe the healing process and that Jesus really is closer than we think and will never cast us off no matter what we might have done. Thank you for sharing this story
  • The Moment Max Forgot Me on Jan. 11, 2017

    A page turning book that got me glued from the beginning to the end. It encourages us to do a honest evaluation of our lives and see if we are on the right track or perhaps we have been derailed and whether or not it is too late to fix things. It helps to realize also that we should not take our loved ones or those who truly care about us for granted.
  • This Time Forever on Jan. 11, 2017

    Love should never be taken for granted and don't put off till tomorrow what you can do might be telling someone you love them and that you really cherish them...this book teaches that. WE should not waste the precious moments we could spend with our loves. Also...emotional blackmailing in a relationship is selfish and can be a death sentence for such relationship... A great book with beautiful characters whose situations tugged at my heart...especially Mickelle.
  • Mortal Mistakes on Jan. 19, 2017

    This is a great book that should be read by all; young and old becayse we have different relationships that are important to us. We must learn to make God the director of all our relationships so that we do not use our own hands tto destroy ourselves. A story about finding faith in God, second chances, being open to the will of God and cherishing out the loved ones. A book we can all relate to and learn greatly from. Thank you for sharing this story.
  • Remember Yesterday on Jan. 19, 2017

    God's way is not our way neither His thoughts our thought. This book is a page turner as it is captivating. I like the way Ms. Purcell crushed the "first love is true love" syndrome by showing that sometimes we don't know what is best for us even though we might think otherwise. A story of love, reconciliation, and a new beginning. An excellent book...a must read
  • Running Home on Jan. 19, 2017

    Just want to add that it is an eye opener to what is happening in our world. Just as some Moslems have no problem with the Bible or Christianity some are extremists just as portrayed in this book and i believe the author meant no harm when he decided to share this beautifullove sstory with everyone. Just as we have Christian fanatics who have no love...this extremism is everywhere. It is a great book and those who want to grow in their faith in God and who would like to really cherish His love should read this book because it teaches us to be grateful in everything. Just like Jerry is even though he has been hurt and betrayed...He still showered love and respected others.
  • The Hearing (Short Story)(Christian) on Jan. 19, 2017

    "...and in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose." Just like Deacon, we fail to thank God for His.goodness and fail to see His great plans on the midst of life's storms. We grumble whereas all we need to do sometimes is look at God's track record in our lives and trust that all will be well. Thank you for such simple yet powerful illustration of how we sometimes act in hard times and the true reality of what is happening in the spiritual realm where God is fighting for us and working everything out for our best.
  • Wedding a Warrior on Jan. 19, 2017

    A simple story of praying for and realizing and accepting God's will for our lives. Whitleigh is a great example of what a young daughter of Christ should be in character and in her relationships...purity, patience and sincere love. Thank you for writing this book. It is a must read for singles and the youth in general.