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  • Ember Rising Light (Book One) on Nov. 16, 2011

    Just finished -great read, enjoyed, ends on suspenseful cliffhanger. Book 2 isn't out yet. Gypsies are cool so it captured my attention. First novel I've ever read that meshes fantasy, mystery with familiar culture. Fantasy is saturated with vamps. This book was a refreshing change. No mythical creatures just normal people with supernatural powers. New culture was interesting twist. I envisioned Tray as obsessively protective, parental & secretive. Ember seems socially awkward, sheltered & intelligent. Their constant moving would keep her from developing friendships & book smart people are usually strange & aloof. Characters were realistic IMO. The book ended on a cliffhanger & no date listed for book 2. That was irritating. I normally wait & read complete series. This was free so I downloaded w/o checking first. I want to keep reading now. The author gives hints of big things coming but a specific date would be better -not as frustrating. Indie authors should be supported. I'm an avid reader & get tired of reading whatever happens to be 'in'. This website is great. Indie offers variety. Interesting read, I would suggest if you like fantasy, supernatural & mystery.