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  • The Winner on March 17, 2024

    I don't think this tea is my cup of tea. I think it's unhealthy even in the realm of fantasy and gave an unsatisfied ending. I have read The Hunger (also from the same author), which has a similar theme and kink, and I think compared to this book, it is much more enjoyable in terms of content and psychology (perhaps it was from the betrayer's POV and feelings). In that book, there was no real 'winner', in my opinion, and it offered a better ending (even though it was still a sad ending). This story also offers no real winner really (sexual gratification/pleasure won't sustain a good, healthy, and long-term relationship anyway), but it offers a tangible loser who did not deserve that ending/defeat compared to the other two characters (maybe he deserved some humiliations as a good lesson for not be able to recognize the true natures/faces of people around him, especially that 'best' friend of his for ten years). Sorry Kenneth for my long rant, but I hope my comment is constructive and not too harsh