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Hello! My name is Joshua; I live in North Carolina. I like to read books about history, religion, politics, religion, music, and numismatics. I like some fiction that has a good story line and flow.

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  • JFK Assassination on March 28, 2012

    I have been interested in the JFK assassination for the last 20 years. Back when I started there wasn't much material for a newbie to the case. The only books and other materials readily available to me was Groden and Livingstone's High Treason, Stone's "JFK", Life magazine's "Life in Camelot", and the documentary "The Men Who Killed Kennedy". After reading this book, it made me wish I had this when I started reading about the assassination back then. Temple of Mysteries goes though all of the theories that have been proposed over the last few decades. This includes notable theories involving LBJ, the CIA, and the Mob and lesser known theories such as the one that accuses the driver of firing the shots. Besides going over the various theories, I like the way the authors examine each one with a healthy dose of skeptism. I also like how they go into the life of New Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello. I did not know anything about him before this. The only thing I object to is the bias towards conspiracy in the first chapter. I don't like this because while the authors can make a case for conspiracy, one can also make a case for a lone gunman. Overall, I feel this book is a good choice for a newcomer to the case or for someone who likes to read about history.