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Latest book: The Boy Who Appeared from the Rain. Published December 27, 2014. (4.67 from 3 reviews)
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Latest book: Valley of Sorrows. Published April 22, 2012. (4.97 from 30 reviews)
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Smashwords book reviews by H. Writer

  • Skies & Faeries on Oct. 10, 2015

    A tale told by someone on LSD? Dumb, time wasting rubbish.
  • The Beast of Rogue on July 24, 2016

    This is a story within a story with a grandmother telling a six year old about the history of her home. The historical story is highly inappropriate for a six year old; full of sex, language & murder. The switching between eras in the historical story seems to have confused the author, because knowledge is given to a character at her different ages and claimed to be the first disclosure. One of the absolute WORST books I've ever read.
  • Rogue Light on Aug. 12, 2016

    Grammar errors were so numerous & ridiculous, that I gave up after 30 pages. That's really bad for me to give up so easily.
  • Sins of The Gods on Aug. 31, 2016

    Boring, long winded, philosophical, rambling, etc. I kept waiting for the mystery and the detecting. I manage to struggle through to the end, but felt like I had wasted my time. Most books are hard to put down; not this one. It was hard to pick up. There were numerous missing words; words that were spelled wrong (to, too, two all sound alike but each has separate usages); misused words (you throw a ball, you don't through it.) The best thing I can say about this book - it was free.
  • A Death In Beverly Hills on Sep. 02, 2016

    I really enjoyed reading this book. Despite mixed feelings about Steve and about Tom, I couldn't help but root for them. This author is definitely on my short list of favs.
  • Where Foundlings Hide on Jan. 15, 2017

    I really enjoyed this book. But, I was seriously ticked when I came to the last page and found no ending!!!!!! If a book isn't a stand alone book, the author should have the honesty & the decentancy to say so before the reader wastes their time with it!!!!!!
  • Polo Shawcross: The Birthday Dragon on Jan. 07, 2018

    Polo is the most interesting character I've met in a long time. I will be reading the rest of his story!
  • Polo Shawcross: Dragon Soldier on Jan. 07, 2018

    Polo continues to entertain me. I'm looking forward to reading his next adventure!
  • Polo Shawcross: Dragon Skin on Jan. 07, 2018

    I'm half way through the series! and already dreading the end of his tale, but enjoying every minute!
  • Polo Shawcross: Dragon Outlaw on Jan. 07, 2018

    This book left me wanting more, but, alas, there is no more. Enjoyed the tale very much. 'Bye Polo!
  • Energyne on Dec. 19, 2018

    I'm glad this was a free book. The plot was interesting and exciting, but the writing was atrocious! I made notes of 152 of the worst examples, but there were so many more! It was overly wordy and confusing to read; horrible sentence construction; saying "turning over" when he/she obviously meant "turning around"; using "by" when on, in, at or to would have been correct; the book takes place in the USA, the characters are all American, but there were so many British terms it was annoying. And committing the cardinal sin of writers: Mixing his characters names up! I can't help but wonder if the writer is still in grade school. Advice: Get yourself an editor or ask your English teacher to help before you publish another book. You have good vision, but are a long way from being an author.
  • The Stolen Child on Jan. 09, 2019

    I really enjoyed this book. The characters were well developed and many took some time to show their good side (or their bad). I was disappointed to get to the end and learn it was the first of a series, but, I'll just imagine my own future for the two leads and be satisfied with that. I'll have to be because I know I'll never read another book about them.