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My long term aim is to have the best of my work floating around beyond my lifetime.

Encouraging this conceit are a couple of events which lead me to believe I have something worth sharing. One of my poems was bracketed between Donne's "Ecstasy" and Blake's "Tyger". The BBC purchased 7 poems to be used within "PlaySchool" (at the time I was Isabel Reeves). I have 2 non-fiction works which have provided positive feedback from viewers.

I have no illusions. My work, so far, does not have any appeal for a wide audience. Add to this, my eagerness to publish before I had sufficient appreciation of the publishing and marketing side of putting one's books 'out there'. (I am working on this.)

If you have any connection with the effects of asbestos, you may want to read "The Whens of Wittenoom."

If you, or anyone close to you, has their life turned upside down due to the manic episodes inherent in bi-polar disorder, you may want to try reading "Life Before Lithium." Hard copies had been provided for review and the response was that it was a page turner and that folk were not able to put it down until sleep overtook at 3am. The publisher to whom I sent this MS was embarrassed by the need to advise that the reader appointed to assess my book had disappeared and taken the manuscript with her!
I am now working on a set of three companion novels, For years I had been adding notes, research and ideas to that which I called "The Big Book". When it came tome to put words on paper - instead of telling yarns over picnic tables - the task was way too huge to attempt! Spanning 100 years between 1865-1965, over Scotland, England, Western Australia and short, but crucial times in South Africa - best a reader tell you -

"Journey into the lives of old families who possess both power and good fortune. More specifically the consequences of lost family heritage from the secret passions, wandering lust.and lies from men of days past. Marvel at the web of secrets that creates a ripple effect carrying forward through time continuing through generations and across continents. Watch through the eyes of Peacock & Oates, Dumfries and their fiduciary relationship to long lost clients who they themselves know not the true identity."

Smashwords Interview

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Reading, gardening, watching TV, Facebook. Oh dear. That does sound like an inactive life! I get up in the morning and on three of those I go to a local gym for an hour. Am usually home by 7.00 am unless I have some shopping to do. Home to full coffee pot, squeeze two oranges, avocado on toast, water the garden, check emails, read the Guardian, Check Facebook, and THINK what writing I should be doing! When I do get stuck in, am there for hours - at the moment trying to work out the best way to handle all (or most of) the material not included in "The Trustees".
Afternoon finds me with my feet up and either book or remote control in hand. Too frequently nod off for a while then find I am awake for hours late at night and into the early morning. That's when the radio goes on and I listen to late night talk-back shows.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
Mostly through contacts within Google+ circles. I belong to the Scrivener Community and the Writer's Discussion Group and dip in and out of other communities - but these two are my mainstay and source of recommendations.
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The Trustees
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 33,980. Language: English. Published: April 14, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Historical » Victorian
Follow the account of the discovery and execution of a Will drawn up in South Africa in 1901, discovered in Western Australia in 1960 with designated partner in Scottish legal practice tasked as Executor.)
Earning Purple
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 7,260. Language: English. Published: March 14, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
A blend of prose and poetry into a long short story which mixes analogy with fantasy while touching the truths of discovery on the journey of a life. If you have met then lost your soul mate you will be wearing purple because you have earned it.
Short Stories : A Small Collection
Price: Free! Words: 13,780. Language: English. Published: April 9, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories - single author
Illustrating that no matter how I try to write prose, poetry keeps peeking through. These were fun to write and I hope you will find them fun to read.
The Whens of Wittenoom
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 32,700. Language: English. Published: April 9, 2011. Categories: Nonfiction » History » Reference
Chronology of the mining and use of blue asbestos from ancient to modern times with emphasis on the events at Wittenoom, Western Australia. This mining has resulted in WA having the highest rate of mesotelioma in the world. Includes comprehensive Bibliography.
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 5,470. Language: English. Published: April 9, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Poetry - single author
This collection of poems are those which have survived many years of travel, change of computer system and my change of mind as to the poem as originally written. Audience reaction to some give me reason to believe some will be enjoyed for some time. Please enjoy.
Life Before Lithium
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 116,580. Language: English. Published: April 4, 2011. Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Mental health
From the comfort and safety of your chair, join the author as she dared to live her dreams travelling through the extremes of bipolarity. Witness the strategies she used to survive the consequences of putting one foot in front of the other while on a path she believes ordained by the Man Upstairs.

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