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  • Love and Skate on Dec. 29, 2013

    I absolutely love Lila Felix. I have read all of her books and have thoroughly enjoyed every single one. I thought Love and Skate was the best one so far. I don't know if I can pinned exactly what made this book the best, but I guess I would have to say it was the characters....Owen and Nellie. I thought they were amazing characters. I truly connected with both of them. Owen was so sweet and kind to Nellie. His only problem was that he couldn't get out of his own head. Once he did that things got much better. I thought Nellie was a strong female character. She knew who she was and didn't make any apologies for it. I have to say I really didn't care for Amber and Dylan....for being Owen and Nellie's BFF's....they sure did a crappy job of it. I will say that I still find reading Lila's books refreshing. She truly knows how to write a love story that truly focuses on the love story. Not all of the extra drama and angst you find with other books. It is nice to have that break. I will definitively be reading any future books Lila produces. She hasn't let me down yet. I look forward to reading How it Rolls (Falcon's story). I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a great love story without the drama!!!!!