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  • The Ember Gods (Kilenya Series, 2) on Dec. 10, 2011
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    Wow this is a good follow-up of The Key of Kilenya. I am waiting for book 3 in this planned 6 book series. The characters, and creatures in this series are something I can't believe. The imagination necessary to come up with them is incredible. Anyone who wants a very good read MUST read this series. The Ember Gods has a great solution for the cliff hanger left in book one, and creates more curiosity of what is coming next. I CAN NOT WAIT!
  • August Fortress, Kilenya Series Book Three on Aug. 11, 2012

    This book, the 3rd in the series, is a very good read. I would recommend anyone with kids of whatever age they are, if they can read. I would almost guarantee they will enjoy this series. If they don't, they probably also don't like any of these series either: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or Fablehaven, which I have also read and enjoyed. I'm an older kid at age 57. I'm not much on giving summaries of what I read, so if that makes this review disappointing, then accept my apologies. That's why I put comparisons of the other series. You will get a good idea of what my recommendation means. The Kilenya Series is as good as the others, without as many loose strings as Harry Potter left, and I haven't even read the entire series. Of course, that's because it's not done yet. I wish it was because my patience is wearing thin waiting. You'll find a Smashing Read in the Kilenya Series. Honest.
  • Rise of Keitus, Kilenya Series Book Four on April 30, 2013

    I read this book shortly after reading through books 1-3, which are awesome. This book is even better. I highly recommend the entire series, but if book 5 is as good as book 4, it will be great. But, if book 5 is as much better as each book previous has been from the one before, then my head might explode from the pleasure of reading. And that would be bad because I still occasionally use my head. Probably. Yes, I recommend this book. Well, unless you hate Percy Jackson or Fablehaven or Harry Potter. If you don't like those, you won't like Jacob Clark's (Danilo, son of Dmitri, King of Gevkan) life. Just saying.