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I grew up in South Africa, and graduated from Rhodes University with an Honours (postgraduate) degree in Economics. I then spent three and a half years working in the UK, returning to SA to get married. It was during the next three years that I began to write. My husband and I moved to the UK in 2008, and we live in the Cotswolds with our goldfish.

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  • Silver Thaw on May 07, 2011

    From the pen of Amy Rose Davis, a self-published (indie) author, comes this wonderful dark fantasy. When I was introduced to Amy by a friend, I bought this book, intending to read it 'sometime'. I am now very glad that I did, and more so now that I have read it. The story does not take long to read, being a novella, and the vivid imagery makes it a true pleasure. The words create the setting and the characters in such an unobtrusive way that one simply absorbs them as one follows the events depicted by them. I needed to put the book down several times – life intervenes – but each section drew me on to read more, until I had read the story through to its conclusion. What amazed me most was that the present is skilfully interwoven with the past to create a rich tapestry that consists of the many lives, seasons and emotions that run through the story. This is one tale that is very well-written – in terms of language and grammar as well as creativity and imagery – and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it as an outstanding work of fiction. Like the song of the siren, this book will keep you turning the pages until the very end.
  • The Bones of the Sea on May 16, 2011

    A quick read, and very well-written, I thoroughly enjoyed this short story. In it, we get a brief glimpse of Ulto Marinos, a mysterious world on which stranger things exist - namely, the Bones of the Sea. We discover, along with Myasi, the hidden secrets of this strange structure - but will they actually be unlocked? It is refreshing to meet a new talent in the scifi industry, and I look forward to seeing what other ideas Pippa Jay will bring to the world of reading.
  • Ravenmarked on Dec. 03, 2011

    Tasked with transporting Mairead, the heir to the Taurin throne, to distant Sveklant by his mother, the Queen Maeve, Connor discovers that this is far more than his usual job. Tracked by a Forbidden, he must come to terms with who and what he is. At the same time, is Braedan, the usurper to the Taurin throne, all that he seems to be at first glance - a callous unbeliever who causes chaos in the realm? Igraine, Princess of Eirya, finally finds a purpose for her life in her appointment as ambassador to the kirok, but is that her ultimate purpose? Ravenmarked is an easy book to read. Amy Rose Davis draws one into the world she has created, and skilfully shows it to the reader. The characters are all compelling, but don't make assumptions about any of them. This book is one of the best epic fantasy books I've read in years. From the first page to the last one is drawn into the lives of Connor, Mairead, Braedan, Igraine and a host of other characters. I sometimes turned the pages on my kindle too soon in eagerness to read more - and then had to go back to get the full story. I look forward with anticipation to the day I can pick up Bloodbonded and reenter this marvellous world to see what happens next.
  • Servant of Dreams on Dec. 24, 2011

    A fantastic short story! I absolutely loved this exploration of Miara's world and her past. As well as that of her future. Vividly penned, Amy barely takes a sentence to drag one willingly from the real world into this world of dreamers, highlanders and lowlanders. It barely takes a moment to read, but the memories will last a lot longer.
  • The Accidental Muse on June 17, 2012

    This short story is extraordinary. Amy's vivid imagination leaps off the pages (or out of the Kindle, as you like it) and paints a kaleidoscope of images for the reader to revel in. The characters are poignant, and the love that shines through the story is precious and heart-warming. I thoroughly enjoyed this study of love, and would recommend Amy's writing to any lover of fantasy.
  • Deception at Sea: An Ian Mac Roy Adventure on July 01, 2012

    I first read this story as Amy serialised it on her blog while writing it. The reread of the published version was no less enjoyable. If there's one thing I love, it is when an author expands on a world they have already written about, and this is what Amy does with Deception at Sea. Set in the world of The Taurin Chronicles, we meet Ian Mac Roy, an Eiryan prince who has a penchant for the sea. This nautical caper takes the reader to strange lands and provides a glimpse of Connor of Ravenmarked fame. Complete with daggers, beautiful women and dangerous political machinations, one cannot help but keep turning the pages of this remarkable story.
  • Foul is Fair on Aug. 31, 2012

    I really enjoyed this piece of writing. There are some great turns of phrase in here, and the writing is vivid, drawing the reader in. My favourite sentence was: 'My hearing was grateful.' - gave me a good chuckle. Sam certainly had a fabulous sense of humour. I look forward to reading more.
  • Terms & Conditions Apply on Nov. 21, 2012

    A space station, a woman who's been dumped, and an avatar... ingredients for a romantic cocktail delicately crafted by Pippa Jay. There were several surprises along the way, and some fabulous characters one can really sympathise with. Having read Pippa Jay's previous works, and thoroughly enjoyed them both, it wasn't much of a surprise that Pippa has once again created a setting that my imagination is immediately at home in. The writing is vivid, and drew me into the story with ease. This is a quick, easy read, and a fabulous scifi romance.
  • Keir's Fall on Dec. 28, 2015

    We meet Keir and Quin on Kasha-Asor, their idyllic island on Metraxi. It soon becomes evident that Quin is not feeling herself, and Keir persuades her to return to her Lyagnius base. On discovering that she is pregnant, they journey to Gethyon's world, Loganum, so that Quin can be with her son until the baby is born. Things don't quite go according to plan, and Quin finds herself back at Lyagnius, and Keir in the clutches of Tyra-Lee, a power-grabbing tyrant. This second book in the Redemption series sure packs a lot of punch. When I'd finished reading it, I couldn't believe that it's *only* 71k words. Jay gets a lot of travel into those words, and not much goes astray. At times Keir's Fall is a real page turner. One evening I was reading it and told myself I had to get off the computer. Half an hour later I found myself still sitting here, reading. Not entirely sure where that time went, but Keir was busy, lol! It's fantastic to get another instalment of Keir's story, and this book doesn't disappoint. Keep giving us more stories, please!
  • Tethered (An Inc-Su Story) on Dec. 28, 2015

    I'll be honest; it's been a while since I read this book - almost a year, in fact! What I can remember is that this story is everything you'd expect from Pippa Jay: a coherent plot, likeable, vivid characters, and twists and turns aplenty. And probably the most important factor of this story, for me? It's set in the same universe as Pippa Jay's Traveller series (Keir).
  • Keir (Book One of Redemption) on Dec. 28, 2015

    This is a story of tortured souls, love and redemption. On a strange world, where the cultural and architectural influence is heavily medieval, Quin, a human traveller who moves among the stars on a quest for a lost friend, discovers Keir, an outcast in his society. All Keir wants to do is die, believing himself condemned and cursed - not to mention the fact he is badly injured - while Quin soon wishes to save him, having seen a glimpse of who he really is. From this starting point follows an adventure that will warm science fiction and romance readers alike. As one hops between planets with this delightful pair, Pippa Jay sketches the different worlds with her pen, bringing them vividly to life. She does no less with each character, drawing one into their minds with ease. This edition is longer than the original publication, with more depth in some areas. If anything, the story gains stature from the additional length, and I for one appreciated the added depth. I've seen some reviewers struggle with the two different story lines in the novel, but for me these two story lines make me ask more questions. I guess it helps that I know the author is planning a sequel, so I know there is more to come and, perhaps, some answers. A solid romance in a science fiction setting, with time travel thrown in.