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Smashwords book reviews by Leigh

  • Between The Land And The Sea on Feb. 27, 2012

    This is my first time posting a review. I loved the book! It took me back to a time when I wanted to be a mermaid to swim in the ocean with the dolphins.The author made me fall in love with the characters. My favorite character was Aunt Evie. Who wouldn't love to have someone buy you whatever you could wish for, take you to wonderful places and let you borrow very expensive cars. In the book as in life we all have decisions to make to choose right or wrong, love or life. I can't wait to read the next book.
  • Five on Feb. 27, 2012

    Wow! I loved the book!The characters intrigued me. Rayla with her innocence refused to allow circumstances to dictate her life.The fae lords with their stunning looks were a little overwhelming. I liked the twists and turns to this story. The author leaves you wanting to know what is going happen next. Can't wait for the next book!
  • Cue Me In on March 21, 2012

    Nell Dixon has written an intriguing short story that is full of suspense, romance and moral dilemma. I really enjoyed this story and would recommend it.
  • Moa on April 02, 2012

    Hillary who has always been misunderstood not only by her classmates, but also her own family. This misunderstanding take Hillary on a journey of spiritual enlightenment. Through this journey she not only is reconciled with her sister but is able to reach a higher level of enlightenment. Although this type of book is not my cup of tea I recommend it to anyone who is interested in spirituality and mysticism.
  • Believe on June 07, 2012

    Well, this was an interesting read. It started off slow but quickly picked up. If Believe was a martini ,it would be one part Twilight and one part X-Men. Shaken not stirred. Garnish with a touch of mythology. Drink to your hearts content. Andrea Dayla leaves her uncle Greg and her cousin Roger,the only family she has known, to start college at Dartmouth. She is both excited and anxious about starting college and living on her own in a new city. She meets Shane Brennen and is instantly drawn to him. They start dating, but she knows he is keeping something from her. She thinks she knows what the secret is. Could the stories her Uncle Greg told her as a child be true? Are vampires real and are they truly evil? Can she really be dating a vampire when her family mambers are supposedly vampire hunters? These are some of the dilemmas she will face. Will she be up to the challenge? The author has created an interesting cast of characters and a story full of twists and turns. Even though there are many grammatical errors, I enjoyed this story and would definitely recommend it!
  • Pandora's Key on June 23, 2012

    Pandora's Key is two stories in one with a mythological twist. It is full of mystery and intrigue which will keep you on the edge of your seat. Evangeline is suffering with nightmares about different women dying tragically. She is also dealing with her mom's disturbing delusions. Looking forward to her sixteenth birthday, Evangeline hoping that things will get better. That hope is shattered when her mom lands in the hospital fighting for her life. This tragedy will make Evangeline question who she can trust and depend on. Malledy is an amazingly intelligent teenage boy who is diagnosed with Huntington's disease. This diagnoses will lead him to find a cure in an unlikely place. He will make choices that will not only endanger himself but others around him. The author does a great job of weaving the two stories together with the main thread consisting of the myth of Pandora's box and key. I really enjoyed this story and would definitely recommend it.
  • Shades of Grey on July 25, 2012

    "Shades of Grey" is a compilation of three unique short stories with a recurring theme of torture/abuse. My favorite was the second story where we get a glimpse into the life of James, a British solider during WWII. The author was able to draw me into each story through his descriptive detail of each character and how they dealt with their situation. Even though the subject matter is disturbing,I would recommend it to adults who are looking for a thriller.
  • What Kills Me on Sep. 08, 2012

    "What Kills Me" is a beautifully wrapped package whose content is just as stunning. Alexia, a seventeen year old girl, meets a tall, dark, and handsome young man while studying abroad. First dates can be a killer, when she falls down a well full of blood and comes out a vampire. While running for her life, she meets a reluctant partner in Lucas. He will protect Alexia and help her embrace her new life. This is a perilous journey where both family and friends will be lost. This story is a perfect mix of mystery, intrigue, action, and humor with a touch of romance. I enjoyed the banter between Alexia and Lucas and watching their relationship develop. I would definitely recommend it and am looking forward to see what happens next.
  • Life of the Party on Dec. 25, 2012

    WOW! JUST WOW!!! This book was not an easy read. It gives you an in-depth look into the life of an addict. How that life can quickly and painfully spiral out of control. Even though this story is heartbreaking, it is also inspirational. There is always hope if we are willing to acknowledge we need help and willing to receive it. God is always there even in our darkest moments. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is dealing with addiction in their own life or have family members that are.
  • Mr. Bear on Jan. 06, 2013

    It is a fun and witty short story with interesting characters.
  • The Moon Dwellers on Feb. 11, 2013

    I heard a lot of buzz about this book, and I had to read it for myself. It did not disappoint me! If you are looking for a dystopian theme story, full of action, then "The Moon Dwellers" is the book for you. Adele's life is turned upside down when her parents and little sister are seized by Enforcers, and she is sentenced to life in prison. Adele, who has been taught to fight and survive by her father, will need those skills to endure prison life. Prison has been a very lonely, depressing place until she meets Tawni and Cole. Together they plan to escape and rescue Adele's family. This is a perilous journey that will test their newly formed bonds of friendship. Will they survive and find Adele's family? The author does a great job developing each character and capturing our attention through his vivid details. I enjoyed this book and can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Songstone on Oct. 29, 2013

    Songstone is a heart warming story full of adventure, magic, superstitions, tribal lore and a touching romance. Kita, who was abandoned in the forest as a child, was rescued by Noni and became an adopted sister. Kita with her pale skin, red hair and green eyes never felt like she belonged to the family that took her in or the tribe they were a part of. The evil medicine man takes her as his servant and uses her to perform his secret rituals. Kita longs for her freedom. Freedom may come at the hands of a stranger. Pono is a journeyman from a distant tribe who sees the brutal treatment of Kita. He will risk everything to save her from her evil master. They will have to learn to trust and depend on each other to survive. Kita and Pono are both strong characters. Kita perseveres through the persecution of her tribe and her master. Pono is brave to risk his life for Kita. Through their struggles we see their characters develop. I found this story to be interesting and entertaining. I would definitely recommend it.