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Worked for BAe for 20 years on Lightning (XN726), Canberra (Venezuela), Jaguar, Tornado. Went to be professional artist specialising in military aircraft. Finished work to nurse wife, during which time I began writing the first book:
The Mandalay Conspiracy.
Since then I have written a trilogy of novels of a James Bond type;
Shortfall to Equilibrium.
Shooting the Dead.
Nothing Happens.
For my latest work I had to learn quite a lot about rocket science. It is about mans first landing on Mars, and why we have always been fascinated by the red planet. This book is,-
Thrones of Mars,
and is now available across all digital media.

Smashwords Interview

What motivated you to become a writer?
Most, if not all, writers do so because they have to. Not from any desire to become rich and famous, but the creative juices within them dictate that they have no choice.
Once the book is finished you used to be forced into a world where a hand-full of people (publishers) decided who got into print and who didn't. If you can't get on national tv you were up against it.
Now, with indie publishing we, the writers, decide who gets published.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
that Mark Coker has some very good advice.
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Thrones of Mars
Price: Free! Words: 201,750. Language: English. Published: June 9, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Hard sci-fi
We have always been fascinated by Mars - but can we get there and back without help? This is the detailed story of how it was done. It is based on today's technology, or what can be developed from what we have now. The robots control everything with an electrical curcuit - if they are turned against the people, they are stuffed.
Quantum Jump (Part Six of The Thrones of Mars)
Price: Free! Words: 38,580. Language: English. Published: May 25, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
The old paradox of time travel, known as 'The Grandfather Paradox' has been solved by nature itself. Any person except Marq who travels back in time to a time would remain the same- they would not even know they had been transported. Marq uses the machine to try to change events, but finds that repercussions are not always what was expected.
Dangerous Knowledge (Part V of The Thrones of Mars Series)
Price: Free! Words: 37,810. Language: English. Published: May 18, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Apocalyptic
The astronauts from Mars have returned to the Earth only to find devastation caused by the Tsunami from the Canary Isles – the Capital had to be moved to Chicago. Most of Florida was wiped out – including a lot of NASA. The re-entry was difficult to say the least. Now they are pretty well alone.
The Way Home (Part 4 of The Thrones of Mars Series)
Price: Free! Words: 34,370. Language: English. Published: March 29, 2020. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » General
The astronauts manage to leave Mars - despite interference from the robots, and an entity on Earth. The next problem was to link in with the Phoenix - once again with no help from the robot control network. Problems on Earth are caused by a Tsunami along the East Coast of the USA. This has wiped out most of the NASA infrastructure.
The Martian Infusion (Part Three of the Thrones of Mars Series)
Price: Free! Words: 27,640. Language: English. Published: November 21, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure, Fiction » Science fiction » Hard sci-fi
The astronauts land on Mars. They have to build an encampment; their stay is scheduled to last almost 2 years. They decide to go wandering (as opposed to exploring), and then find out why we have always been fascinated by Mars. Someone does not want them to come back, so measures are taken to prevent that. This story uses only what is available today. There are no death rays, or superheroes
The Friendly Robot Conspiracy (Part One of The Thrones of Mars Series)
Price: Free! Words: 31,900. Language: English. Published: January 1, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure, Fiction » Science fiction » General
This story uses only what is available today, or will be developed from what we have now. Some say we cannot go to Mars using the systems we now use. We can - and we will. Read on to see how it is not only possible, but easier than going to the moon with 1950's technology. The astronauts on the Orion program thought they were alone when they were alone when building a spaceship to go to Mars.
Shooting the Dead
Price: Free! Words: 83,950. Language: English. Published: August 24, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » Action, Fiction » Science fiction » Military
A chemical threat to Europe and the USA is uncovered by Steve Steele of Mi6, and Neil Sherwood of the SAS Intelligence Branch. Lots of action before the matter is resolved - or is it?
Nothing Happens
Price: Free! Words: 54,940. Language: English. Published: August 23, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » Action
The bad guys this time have found the remains of a meteorite, the elements within which can kill electrical equipment. When they start experimenting by shooting down jumbo jets, something has to be done.When this weapon is triggered off a column of energy one atom wide is released. To the observer nothing happens. All electrical equipment is fused to itself - nothing happens.
Shortfall to Equilibrium
Price: Free! Words: 77,770. Language: English. Published: September 22, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » War & military adventure
British secret agent Steve Steele has to retrieve a lost atom bomb, only to find a bigger plot to blow up New York.
Life on Mars (Part Two of the Thrones of Mars Series)
Price: Free! Words: 28,430. Language: English. Published: March 28, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Space opera
The International Space Station has been de-commissioned, massive parts are used in the construction of the Phoenix, the mothership that will take astronauts to Mars.The Orion Program has, however been struck by problems, and it will not be a smooth passage. Based on today's technology this is possible.
The TSR 2 Conspiracy
Price: Free! Words: 87,930. Language: English. Published: May 8, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » War & military adventure, Fiction » Historical » USA
Coniston Fowler escapes the Ozarks to fly in WW2, then goes on to test and fly the American version of TSR2 over Vietnam and China. A story of intrigue, mystery, deception, conspiracies and a cataclysmic calamity in China.

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