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Born in 1976, he has lived all over Canada, but has called the Meadow-Ridge area of BC his home since 1992. While cycling to his job as a computer technician, he got into a fight with a car in 2001. The car won, and Joseph became a T5/6 paraplegic. This has not hampered his chances at winning the superbowl, as he's been a self-declared nerd for as long as he can remember.
Since his injury, he has focused on his writing and a little on his art, much of which is related to his fiction and can be found at In May, 2007 he became proud father of Caitlin, followed in 2011 a son, Lachlan.

He awaits the day that stemcells or super awesome telekinetic flight powers will allow him to unfurl his black trenchcoats yet again.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
Who said I grew up? That's a horrible thing to say! But I spent my years all across Canada, though the last decade or two has been on the west end. How has location influenced my writing? Not in any drastic ways...

My fictional continent is part Canada, part UK, park Australia, and a little bit US. Some of my characters take their names from streets near me... but not much in my books scream CANADA!!! or VANCOUVER!!! or even RIDGEMEADOWS!!!!!
When did you first start writing?
Elementary, I suppose. Given the task of writing short stories was fun, so I started doing stories just for myself now and then. The idea of writing a BOOK always seemed like an insurmountable feat, until I wrote a story that demanded a sequel.. and another.. and a prequel. Whoops! A little glue, a little sandpaper, and it started to look a lot like a book!
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