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Paul B. Barnett
Latest book: Cosamodo's Travels. Published July 25, 2011. (5.00 from 1 review)

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  • The Sticky Situations of Zwicky Fingers on Sep. 01, 2012

    I just read The Sticky Situations of Zwicky Fingers by Rhys Hughes and I do not even know what to say. Rhys Hughes continues to amaze me with one breath to tell stories always new, delirious, absurd, fantastic, sickly, beautiful: use the word you want to define them. One thing is guaranteed: each story is a magical moment. What goes on inside Rhys Hughes brains for such creativity, I wonder? Or rather, I do not even want to know. I want it is more stories.
  • The Further Fangs of Suet Pudding on Jan. 26, 2013

    good as always
  • Cosamodo's Travels on May 02, 2013

    I'm glad to have discovered the work of LucidPlay Publications. And because of that I must make three notes: 1. LucidPlay Publications is not great, not even a small publisher - so what? Since when do professionalism and elegance of works are measured with a tape, I ask. 2. this book it's in fact small, but full of great messages. I love when a writer takes us in the clouds and the story is opened full of layers. 3. Paul B. Barnett plays with words and in a short story proves to be a maker of magic. I recommend this book at 110%
  • Antologia Fénix de Ficção Científica e Fantasia - Volume I on May 22, 2013

    parabéns adorei.
  • Tears for Rahul Dutta on May 26, 2013

    I liked this.
  • Facets of Faraway on Oct. 01, 2013

    Great stories. Great writer
  • The Tellmenow Isitsöornot on Nov. 27, 2013

    Bloody good!