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She's a little like magic, and a lot like crazy

At an early age, Rae Avery learned that reading, writing, and an unbridled imagination were the magic that made a beautiful garden out of the fertile ground in her mind. She began writing poetry (similar to the Vogons) when she was a young girl, and started writing short stories in her late teens. Topics were anything from current events to the abominations in human behavior (including her own) to the creation of a fantasy world with its own politics and social abnormalities.

By her mid to late 20’s, writing became like sustenance. It became essential to her faith and practices in Wicca and Witchcraft. It was an outlet, no matter how clumsily done, from the dark labyrinth of her mind and flamboyant emotional make-up. It became both medicine and prayer. Growing up with what many refer to as an “untreated mental illness,” or what Rae calls “psychosocial ineptitude,” allowed her to learn the coping mechanisms of humor and creativity to channel the turbulent emotions that come with living in a dysfunctional home and a questionably safe neighborhood.

It was her idea, therefore, to begin her “published” career with a nonfiction memoir. The idea for Plenty of Disharmony came to Rae after spending two years hunting hopefully for Prince Charming in the virtual dating scene. The first couple of strange encounters gave her good ammo for new characters in her short stories, but then she realized it could be so much more. She saw this as opportunity to tell some of her own personal story, one that she has held hidden for too long. Five years later, Rae Avery is coming out of the colorfully hidden crazy closet and showing the world that it's not so bad to be a little warped in a world so intent on keeping straight lines with organized color schemes.

With the loving support of her family and friends, Rae wrote Plenty of Disharmony to shed a little more light into the absurdity of human interaction, especially in the art of love. Her personal project of online dating catastrophes turned into a self-defining journey that has allowed her to show others what it’s like to trudge through this part of life with an unusually loud and wicked mind. Using her boisterous personality and good-natured humor, Rae brings laughter and (hopefully) understanding to a discontented and spiritually divided world… her world, that is.

Rae lives in the beautiful state of Colorado with her two furry children.

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