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  • The Ocean on April 28, 2011

    OMG! Since the first time I read the first chapter over at Mia's blog I was completely done...!WOW! I was so lost in the reading that when I finished the last sentence I went like'WHAT?' I was definitely begging for more of Gia's and Travis's story. If you could put a whole book into a single song this would be my book choice, even though I felt that every chapter had it's own voice and rythm. The Ocean is a book you really don't want or should miss. Gia and Travis come and make a whole new point of there not been rules as to when/how or where someone will fall in love, how someone can be hurt in so many different levels and still never giving up on what you believe and feel is right---yeap---you guessed it...that's Travis I'm talking about. Gia and Alex have just suffered the death of her mother and are returning to the one place that doesn't feel like home. To Oliver their biological father who used to hit their mother. Recounting all the points that the book took on I thank Mia for boarding not only innocent LOVE but also BULLING and LOSS. After the story centers on Mia & Travis coming together and heal each other's wounds. I loved this book for sooo many reasons that I can't put them all up here. Ressuming... The hope of feeling normal, the fear to trust someone new, the hardship of letting go, the strength to always rise your head high, the power of love-words-action and will. But above all these things THE TRUTH OF SECOND CHANCES. Mia you're an amazing writer and I'm so glad I got to meet you before your book's release. You did an amzing job taking us into the life, feelings and memories of your characters, I loved each an every one of them. You guys better watch out for this author! I'm really looking forward to your next piece of art! 5/5!
  • Spoon-fed Addiction on May 05, 2011

    What was life to me then? A big deception. What was a deception? Deception was the worst misery I knew of. Right then, in the spiritual silence, an unnamable feeling was eating at my soul and I allowed it to destroy the life left in me. First of all, I was soooo excited when I got a request from Silvano to review his book!!!he was actually the 2nd author to approach me himself to do I practically jumped from happiness!!!and said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OKAY!!!NOW!!I was reading it and was like!!~WTH!!!!!!!!!~ why did I say yes in the first place??!!! this book it's not my style at all!!!!! I actually stopped reading it in the first pages of the fisrt chapter---Adiran's mind speaking-----and said I just take a break. Picked it up a few days later...and still I was just dragging my eyes...and MAKING myself read it...just because! FINALLY!! after the whole 1st chapter was done!!~torture~ I started to get a handdle on it. Adiran is completely and I don't know what else!! MAD!! with everything-everyone!! in the whole universe!!! and it's obvious he just doesn't want to keep on living.what's with politics anyways??!!uh??!! I really got lost at times because of the change of thoughts or scenery so abrubt from Adiran, but hey...he was what should I have expected from him? -the tittle I loooove!!! Adiran is lost...that's what I thought and think over and over when I remember reading this book!! taking you to the dark and creepy places your own mind can take you to, Spoon Fed Addiction is not an easy nor fun read AT ALL! it's sad, raw and almost cruel!in a really sad depressing way. Through Adiran I got to know how we're always trying to hide through a charade some times of our lives...but in the end...we're always afraid of thing exactly---and that's BEING ALONE---wich applies not having someone to love and to love you back... I DO NOT RECOMMEND this book to kids under 15 at all!!!not because of the cruelty...or rawness of it...but simply because I don't think you'll get really have to look deep in you to find a spott to like of Adiran... and in the's just that... an addiction---of hatred of loneliness, of emptiness of madness of all the bad things a person goes through right before that person end's up his/her life... LIFE'S HARD and SUCKS that's Adiran's whole thinking through out the book. i don't know if I hated it or loved it or simply don't care--- but practically over the end...when we see with his he goes on and opens up for the first time to see that he simply is another one of us...and that he wasn't strong enough to face life ever again...after all the horrible things he does in the book~his last day~. 4/5---(took me too long to actually get into the thick plot of the book)