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That is my GoodReads profile page. It has all of my contact info on it. This was being cranky and I could not share my website and only one of my twitter accounts.

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Latest book: Emerge (Evolve Series #1). Published July 28, 2014. (4.50 from 4 reviews)
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Latest book: Sorority Run II. Published August 3, 2014.
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Latest book: The Wayward One. Published February 22, 2016.
OL Ramos
Latest book: The Keeper: Awakening. Published August 15, 2013. (5.00 from 2 reviews)
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Smashwords book reviews by Tami QueenEditing

  • All That He Wants (The Billionaire's Seduction Part 1) on Sep. 23, 2013

    I loved the book and easily got involved with the characters. I can hardly wait for the sequel!
  • BlackMoon Beginnings on Oct. 03, 2013

    I got very involved with the characters. I was crying more than once while I read this. It was an amazing find when I downloaded this book. Ms. Hoyt is a wonderful author and I look forward to reading more from this talented lady!
  • Bonded on Oct. 05, 2013

    This book was amazing! I enjoyed all the refreshing twists and turns in this plot. This talented author packed a lot of action into a love story that kept me engrossed until the very end. I may have missed a little sleep but it was well worth it. I look forward to reading any and everything that this author may ever write. If you are perhaps reading this, I wish you the best in your career and I hope you keep writing!
  • Bait on Oct. 28, 2013

    This book was AMAZING! A very poignant read. This was a very touching love story with very strong characters. I am very impressed with this author. I haven't read that many books twice lately, but this one will be an exception :) I wish the best for K.C. Blake.
  • Emerge (Evolve Series #1) on Aug. 02, 2014

    This was an AMAZING read that I will recommend to anyone that slows down long enough to listen to this old lady! I will definitely keep an eye out for anything else this author has to post.
  • Mina Harker: The Curse of the Vampire on Sep. 02, 2014

    Louise Lake's Mina Harker: The Curse of the Vampire was a fabulous read. I never heard the story quite like this. It puts a new spin on Interview with a Vampire that's for sure. This book has 'edge of your seat' suspense. I so did not see that ending coming :O
  • First Possession: Prequel to Wildlanders' Woman on Sep. 13, 2014

    First Possession was a HIGHLY erotic fantasy. Did I mention erotic? Hubba Hubba. I am eagerly looking forward to reading more from her.