Smashwords book reviews by technological

  • In Motion on April 06, 2013

    I really doubted whether to give this 4 or 5 stars. I really enjoyed the book, it's well-written, and although the subject matter is downright evil at times it's an engaging read. I loved it. Still, I decided on 4 stars, only because the main character, Felix X, is literally unbelievably intelligent and mature, especially in the first chapters that describe his early years. It gets more realistic as the book progresses though, and towards the end we see that even Felix has his doubts and uncertainties. All in all : read this, it's good.
  • Memoir of a Reluctant Shaman (A Story of Native American Magical Realism) on May 28, 2016

    Altthough it took some getting used to,I loved the interweaving of native american legends with the story of the lead character growing up. The legends are well told, colorful stories that shed some light on a culture I've never known much about. The story of the lead character however, is simply a vehicle to sort of string the legends together. My only nitpick: the ending. It feels like the story just stops, were you the reader were expecting more... Then again, it was worth every one of the 99 cents.