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  • Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble on Oct. 23, 2010

    One of the greatest things I loved about this book was that just when you thought you'd seen it all, the author introduces a new twist that just totally blows you away. When I first started reading, I was expecting a quick read about a girl with supernatural powers who has an adventure, falls in love and saves the day. End of story and so not what I got. This story was smart, funny and INCREDIBLY sexy in both plot and characters. Each idea flowed right into the next one and I was excited as each scene unfolded because I could never tell what was going to happen next. I'd think the story was heading in a certain direction and BAM, here comes a characters and the story takes on a totally new meaning. I just have to say, HP Mallory writes one hell of a story and this is by far my favorite. I LOVED Jolie. Yep, LOVED her. She starts of this kind of insecure girl who has these abilities and is trying to make the best out of life. When a sexy stranger enters the picture, she takes a risk and accepts his job offer to go back in time and find out how a client of his died. From there she explodes into this amazing character with powers that have the supernatural world falling over themselves to have her. She puts up with so much drama and I love how she refuses to put up with it. From the insecure girl in the beginning, you would think she'd be a complete push over and I was so excited to see that she wasn't. There came a point where she didn't allow her heart to be given the run around anymore even though it broke her heart. She wouldn't allow others to steamroll over her with all their demands. She didn't allow herself to be taken advantage of by people and she did what she felt needed to be done. Now did this happen all at once? No and sometimes it took a few attempts but the thing I loved is she grew into her strength. The character she was in the end wasn't who I saw in the beginning and I LOVED watching the journey. The men in this book were to die for. The ones that had me panting were Sinjin, a sexy master vampire and Rand, her infuriatingly hot Warlock boss. No surprise really that one of the guys I'd fall for would be a vampire but Sinjin was just so smooth and had a way of talking that had me wanting to reach into the book and stroke him. He was such an incredible flirt and so seductive and I don't know how Jolie didn't just jump all over and attack him. Then there was Rand. From the very second you're introduced to him, he has this mysterious feel to him and when you realize just how powerful he is you become addicted. Jolie and him are such an amazing team but he drove me nuts with his bouncing around. He is a prime example of how much it sucks to have to deny yourself because you want to do the right thing, and of how difficult it is to try to control a burning passion for someone without going crazy. There were scenes with Rand that SIZZLED and fogged my glasses up and I'm REALLY looking forward to future scenes where he can totally unleash himself. My gosh that man was amazing. I hope this review does the book justice because it really is an amazing read. It's the first book in a series that I know lovers of romance and the paranormal will easily become addicted to. HP Mallory is definitely an author to watch out for. I've read both her books now and haven't stopped raving about them since I finished them. A must must must read. Enjoy!
  • To Kill A Warlock on Oct. 23, 2010

    This is the first time reading something by HP Mallory and have to tell you that I'm a definite FAN. I love it when I read a book and it almost seems effortless because everything works so well together and that's what made this book such a great experience. There was a very natural flow to the story that allowed me to really settle into it and although it wasn't as long as some books I've read, there was no sense of being rushed or of cramming alot of information in to a limited amount of pages. I was able to read without being bombarded with needless facts and images and it was just so easy to get absorbed into the story. I have to say, I loved that Dulcie had a real sassy personality because nothing makes a story harder to read than a boring lead character and she made me laugh with her sense of humor. I really liked how she handled herself and how she worked hard to keep focused on her job of finding the killer. With Quillan and Knight stealing kisses and sharing flirtations, I would have been reduced to a puddle on the floor for the story. I loved her experiences with going to the S&M club (she got to wear some pretty fabulous clothes) and her reactions to the "eye full" of things happening there. It showed me that Dulcie was incredibly human in how she felt and it not only helped me imagine her within the scenes but also helped me identify with her. She was such a great character to read and I'm looking forward to future stories with her. The men in this story *fans herself a little* were something my imagination had a great time mooning over but ultimately it was all about Knight. Knight was the story's resident bad boy. Good looking with a cocky attitude, he came across to me like a constant flirt but someone who also knew when the moment required seriousness. He was a FABULOUS choice to play opposite Dulcie and I loved reading how he interacted with her. There were so many great scenes filled with Knight, from his guest appearance in her dreams to his frequent trips into Dagan's club where you never did quite know what he would have Dulcie do. He always seemed to be pushing her buttons and I will tell you this so if you don't want a spoiler cover your eyes - if I EVER walked over to my bed and found a man like Knight sleeping in it naked... my first reaction would NOT be to cover him over with a blanket. I loved how Dulcie never did fully give into him despite the chemistry and hot make out sessions. It made me respect her and showed that in reality, it is ok not to jump into bed with someone the first time they smile at you. You know there wasn't anything that I didn't love about this story and I'm left with the feeling of being completely and thoroughly entertained and satisfied. To Kill A Warlock is a definite keeper and one that I'll read over and over again. I recommend that you check it out and see about downloading your own copy. You won't be disappointed.
  • Toil and Trouble on Jan. 04, 2011

    I seriously lost major pounds reading this book because it seemed like every time I turned the page I was jumping up and down with excitement over a new plot twist, swooning with giddiness of the TWO extremely sexy male characters or so engrossed with what was happening with Jolie that stopping to eat was a major inconvenience. I absolutely loved the first book, Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble and expected pretty much the same for Toil And Trouble so I was completely blown away with just how incredible this book was to read and just how tied up my emotions became because this was definitely one of the BEST books I read all year. The book had me completely turned inside out and upside turn and I LOVED every single word of it!! Toil and Trouble picks up where the last book left off and straight away I saw a difference. Jolie had just won a bet with Odran and wakes up to find a concerned and protective Rand. She’s now weak from overusing her magic and needs plenty of TLC to regain her strength. With the Fae now joining in the war against Bella, things begin to heat up as all the different groups come together to Pelham Manor to train. Desperately wanting to be a part of the preparations and her need to destroy Ryder for what he’s done, Jolie is frustrated when it seems Rand is making the decisions for her. The sexy warlock is different now, more attentive to her and although she slowly begins to understand why he’s so adamant about not bonding with her, it still hurts. To add fuel to the fire, things begin to heat up with Sinjin, the seductive vampire who always seems to be around when she needs him and it doesn’t take long before she sees an opportunity to help her in the battle. It involves working closely with Sinjin and everything must be done away from the watchful eye of Rand. Things don’t go as strictly as planned and things blow up, leaving Jolie to take drastic, dangerous steps that will put her on the frontline. Along the way, Jolie’s heart takes different turns and her feelings begin to deepen for Sinjin, confusing her as she once again has to evaluate her heart. Just when Jolie thinks that everything’s going according to her plan, a shocking turn of events happen that completely pulls the rug out from under her. Suddenly things become way more complicated than before, the risk is greater and even though she has the opportunity to have everything she’s ever wanted; Jolie has to make a heartbreaking decision. What will she chose? LOL you have to read it to find out but prepare yourself because the twists in this book are AMAZING and will leave you utterly speechless. I honestly don’t know how the author does it. I went into the book thinking I knew it all. I figured that I knew roughly how the story would be; I was certain that Rand had blown his chance with Jolie and that my lust buddy Sinjin would swoop in and whisk Jolie away. Done deal. End of story. SOOOO not how it went and I have to say I absolutely LOVED the uncertainty of it all. HP Mallory has a really great sense of humor that I really enjoyed throughout the book and it had me chuckling, sometimes so loud I’d wake my husband out of a dead sleep. There was one scene earlier on in the book that was so hilarious, it took several attempts for me to catch my breath long enough to stop laughing. She wrote with great emotion which for me is such an important aspect of a great book. Whether it was in a tender moment between Jolie and Rand, a seductive one with Sinjin or a terrifying battle scene, I was completely hooked and unable to separate myself from the characters. I wasn’t just given a bunch of scenes stringed together; I was given an experience that felt very close to a cardio workout. One that was thrilling to the very end and I closed the book impatiently eager for book three. Jolie was fabulous in this story, becoming much stronger as I read. I loved that she was so determined and that she was willing to do what was needed to put her plan into action. I totally understood her need for revenge because Ryder was a monster, a vile and disgusting vampire that I’d gladly hop in line just for a shot at staking him. Ryder aside, she knew she needed to be beside Rand in the battle and she knew if she didn’t do something she ran the risk of being “stashed” against her will in safety, which wasn’t Jolie at all. She’s the woman that fights for what she needs and although I was sad that she had to go to such measures to do it, I loved that she wasn’t deterred and that she was so creative. She had incredible heart throughout the book and her poor heart gets pulled through the wringer a few times but Jolie’s resilient and I just loved watching how she dealt with every situation. I laughed with her, cheered for her and sadly there were times my heart broke for her. The lengths she goes to for love and to do what was right was extraordinary and I couldn’t help but admire her for it. You need to know I went into the book a strong supporter of Sinjin. My gosh that man was like liquid chocolate, so smooth and seductive and with the back and forth of Rand and his emotions; I was completely ready for Jolie to kick him to the curb for my favorite vampire. So when I began to see a different Rand, a more attentive and openly affectionate Rand, my “lust” for Sinjin began to be overshadowed by how strongly my heart started to chant Rand’s name. How did Jolie stand it all? Two deliciously sexy men, both with their own strengths and weaknesses and both were vying for her attention. Sinjin was openly ready to commit to her and I could definitely see why he was such a temptation because he was always available whenever Jolie needed him. There was no holding back and how could Rand possibly compete with that when his fear of bonding still played a huge part in his relationship with Jolie. His fear was so understandable as Rand shared his heart with her and it wasn’t long before I switched camps and became Team Rand. What can I say, heart trumps lust any day but what a rollercoaster and what incredible male characters. I really believe it doesn’t matter whether you love Sinjin or Rand because both of them hold the power to make you swoon and go giddy at the knees. Wickedly hot men that leave your insides gooey and breathless *sigh* This is one of those books where I could sit and gush about it for hours because it was such a wonderful read. I loved what I read and I loved how I felt, making it a book I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone. For me, HP Mallory is one heck of a writer because she managed to top a great first book with an amazing second one and I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeves for Jolie, Rand and Sinjin. With the way my heart beat in Toil and Trouble I know it’s going to be incredible. Happy reading!!
  • The Mind Readers, Book 1 on Jan. 04, 2011

    How many of us at some time in our lives wished that we could read minds and know what other people were thinking? I know I was one and I’ve often wondered how much easier my teen years would have been knowing whether the boy I was crushing on liked me or how to avoid annoying the school bullies. I remember thinking how perfect my life would have been so when I was asked to read THE MIND READERS, I couldn’t help but smile. Here was my chance to see how my life “could’ve been” like with such a gift and as I settled down to read, it didn’t take long for me to realize how naïve I was. Having such an ability may seem like a gift but for those that have it, it also has some pretty difficult consequences. Just ask Cam Winters. Every day she is bombarded with the thoughts of others, thoughts she wishes she didn’t have to hear because not everyone has good and pure intentions. Once again, she is placed in a difficult situation – she overhears something where people could get hurt but after years of having caution drilled into her by her controlling grandmother, Cam has no other choice but to walk away. She longs for the time when she can be free to make her own decisions but continues to go through the motions of life until something happens that changes everything. With her BFF, Cam finds a dead body lying on a beach and as much as that freaks her out, it pales in comparison to hearing the voice of the killer in her mind – “I killed her”. Frantically looking around a dark stranger catches her eye but he disappears only to surface again as Lewis, the new boy in school with a secret agenda. He knows all about her and has come to take her to be with those just like her. To a place where she can be free and not worry about constantly making a mistake and revealing her secret. Excited about all the possibilities, Cam leaves with him but soon realizes that not everything is as it seems and that she may just have to take the biggest risk of her life. With her new found freedom will she do what she knows is right or will she do what she’s always done and ignore it? Some may say it’s an easy decision but having fallen in love with Lewis, Cam’s heart is also on the line and her decision will have lasting consequences. THE MINDREADERS doesn’t just tell the story of a newly found love painfully tested but it also holds the reader in suspense until the very end because you never quite know what’s going to happen. Nothing is what it seems, things always change and some risks need to be taken. Straight away I made a connection with Cam. My heart really hurt for her because there seemed to be this resigned feeling surrounding her. The opening scene shows her having to deal with lewd thoughts from a pervert and the whispering of a gunman. Guilt and her were constant friends because once again she wasn’t able to do anything. Just one word and her secret would be exposed and her life in real danger. Her grandmother is controlling, her BFF is a self centered brat and poor Cam realizes that her life isn’t her own. The beautiful thing about Cam though was that there did come a point where enough was enough and I loved watching her take a stand, of seeing her refuse to put up with the garbage people did around her. I could empathize how difficult it was for her to always feel like she didn’t truly fit in so when Lewis showed up and offers her understanding and acceptance, I cheered when she took the risk and followed him. What I loved most about Cam was the change I saw in her through the book – she went from someone who hides to a strong girl who stood up for what she knew was right. She ran the risk of losing everything and I loved the bravery she showed because she refused to be manipulated. Lewis was the boy I wanted desperately to kiss and forcefully smack at the same time which made him a lot of fun to read. I can only imagine how amazing he looked to Cam when he turned up at her school and he definitely had a strong protective vibe to him that I absolutely LOVED. He instantly took her under his wing, wanting only the best for her and had a very anchoring influence over her so it was a shock when he seemed to bounce back and forth when she started to question her surroundings. One moment I was swooning over him and next I was screaming at him but as frustrated as I was, I couldn’t help but love Lewis and feel deeply for him. He really was caught in a hard place and making the choice between loyalty and love is difficult, especially when you add his parents death into the equation. I could almost hear his struggle through the pages as he battled with what to do, feeling that either way he would be disloyal to someone he loved. Each scene with him was filled with different emotions and again I didn’t know what to do, swoon or scream, cheer or cry. There was so much going on under the surface with him and I can’t wait to see what happens next because he has so much potential, so much growth, and so much emotion. I loved the sighs and turmoil! This was an amazing book from beginning to end. I really appreciated the way the author opened the story by showing just how complicated and difficult being a mind reader was. It gave the real sense of how it must be every day for Cam and just how miserable life must have been. I loved the flow of the book and just how invested I became in the story because I could feel my body reacting at certain moments and when I was finished the very first thing I thought was “OMGSH there has to be more.” That’s something I’m beginning to see as a trend with Lori Brighton’s books – I never want them to end because reading each one is an emotional rush. THE MINDREADERS has a lot to offer its readers and I suggest everyone go out and get themselves a copy because it’s not an experience you’re going to want to miss out on. Happy reading!!
  • Of Witches and Warlocks: The Demon Kiss on April 05, 2011

    This book left me begging for more and frantically searching the computer looking for the release date of the 3rd book. I think that Lacey Weatherford is a genius. She has followed up her first book (The Trouble With Spells) with a second phenomonal story. The Demon Kiss continues the journey in Portia and Vance's discovery of each other and their magic, with events that seem impossibly difficult and relentless in trying to pull them apart. Having overcome the danger of a near demon conversion, Portia and Vance embark on the journey of facing Vance's father, with the hopes of finally laying to rest the threat that hangs over Vance's fate. As I read each page, I found myself pulled deeper into the story and my emotions became tied to theirs. I loved the dynamics the author developed further with Vance and Portia and I have to say that they are rapidly becoming one of my favorite couples. Portia is more committed to doing all she can to support Vance and Vance is more determined to protect Portia at all costs. Both fall deeper into each other and for all lovers of romance, both of them sizzle on the page. One of my favorite scenes occur when Portia and Vance come face to face with the evilness that is Vance's father, Damien Cummings and as a villan, Damien definitely delivers the goods. Even through the pages he made my skin crawl and that's what I loved so much about reading this book. Not only did the author have my skin crawling, she also had me blushing through the kissing, sighing through the tenderness, laughing at the humor and cheering in those moments where Vance and Portia need it most. She has written the book in a way that engages both the mind and heart of the reader, taking them on a ride that they won't easily forget. I enjoyed every moment of reading this book and I definitely look forward to reading the next book in the series. I absolutely loved this book. Thank you Lacey for writing it
  • Ravena & The Resurrected on April 05, 2011

    Oh.My.Gosh . This book was a delight and such a wonderful surprise. The cover scared me a little at first but from the moment I met Ravena and her quirky sense of humor, I was hooked. How many of us wish for something? Dream it up in our heads, romanticizing it in every way? That’s how it was for Ravena. She wanted desperately to become a vampire, taking to chatting online with other “wannabes” while she waited for destiny to take a bite out of her. Unfortunately, fantasy doesn’t always match reality when she’s finally turned. No sexy hunk of a man to lead her into immortality. She gets a strange looking creature who flees after attacking and the only contact she gets, is his voice in her head. Alone, dealing with the changes in her body, poor Ravena finds herself reevaluating her life. After beheading her latest feed, inebriated from alcohol laced blood, she stumbles into the very delicious Peri, who steals her heart and he tenderly takes her home. Life definitely isn’t all fun and games. There are assassins and Ravena is in serious trouble. After losing her roommate to a horrible death and living underground, she finally finds protection under the clan leader Queluh. It’s been a while since she’s seen Peri and her new friendship with Ross helps her deal with all the chaos in the her life. Ravena has a shot at being happy but when the Assassins start to close in, everything explodes in her life again. Will her brave, sassy attitude be enough to keep her focused? Is Peri who he says he is? And can friends ever be more… be lovers? Ravena definitely lives a full life and she was a real joy to read. I really loved Ravena in this story and thought she was an incredible character. She came across so quirky at times and the thing that struck me the most was she had such a “real” quality to her. It wasn’t hard to identify with her and to understand why she did things a certain way. I totally understood her fascination with vampires and her longing to be turned by a sexy creature of the night. I felt her heart ache when it didn’t go according to plans and I wanted to jump into the book and help her through her loneliness. It seemed as though she never quite fit in wherever she was which was strange because I thought she was remarkable. She had such an off the wall sense of humor that made the book addicting and once I started, I didn’t want to stop. Being the romantic fool I am, I wanted the perfect hero for her - I wanted Ravena to be swept off her feet and cherished, ravished and adored. There were definitely a few guys with potential throughout the story but I will say.. I love who she ended up giving her heart to. He made me sigh and sigh and SIGH! For a book that wasn’t strictly romance, it definitely had its swoon moments. I would definitely recommend this book to those who love the paranormal, who have the secret longing for immortality as a vampire and love stories focused on characters with heart. RAVENA AND THE RESURRECTED will touch you and make you giggle, making it a fun reading experience. Happy reading!
  • Of Witches and Warlocks: The Trouble with Spells on April 06, 2011

    What a way to begin a new series. Lacey Weatherford has created an addicting new world where young love and magic go hand in hand. Her characters Vance and Portia show all the joys of new love and the heartbreak that comes when that love is so cruelly tested. From the moment each character is introduced, you fall in love with them and you become intimately involved in the adventure they are taking. Portia is the sweet girl who is told on her 16th birthday that she is a witch with powers that seem to go beyond what those around her expected. You watch her take those first steps of wonder as the world of magic is opened up before her eyes. At that same moment, Portia's eyes are also opened up to a different kind of magic in the form resident bad boy , Vance Mangum. He is the epitome of all that was good about going to highschool. In Vance, Portia finds budding romance and the passion that sparks between them astounds them both. It was a pleasure to read about them and I'm extremely interested in seeing how they're love and commitment to each other develops. Lacey Weatherford writes a well written story and the ideas introduced will appeal to both the young and not so young reader. The book grabs hold of you from the very beginning and leaves you breathless by the final word. Of Witches and Warlocks - The Trouble With Spells is an amazing read and an essential additional to your library and the paranormal genre
  • Of Witches and Warlocks: Blood of the White Witch on April 06, 2011

    Reading this book was an incredible experience for me. I’d read the first two books The Trouble With Spells and The Demon Kiss and absolutely adored them. By the time I began reading Blood Of The White Witch I was already head over heels for the resident bad boy, Vance Mangum and was absolutely SOLD on the series. In my naivete I felt that the books couldn’t possibly get any better because in my mind it was already perfect. I was undeniably WRONG. This book is hands down the best I’ve read of all three. Being the emotional reader that I am, my hope is always that a book causes me to feel something, anything whether it’s the rush of excitement that comes when a twist reveals itself in the story or the dip in the stomach when the lead guy moves in and claims the girl he loves. I knew that reading this book would be an emotional one but nothing prepared me for how intense it would be or how incredible the pull would be as it completely SUCKED me into the story. I’ve said before in my reviews of the first two books how they had reached in and held my heart hostage … well those books pale in comparison to the way this book moved me. There were so many twists to the story, so many possibilities. At any given time I was experiencing complete happiness and giddiness for Portia and Vance, shock and horror at some of the situations they found themselves in and complete devastation when the love they had for each other was once again tested almost to its breaking point. All I can do now is sit back and sigh, totally satisfied from being entertained so completely I loved the way Vance and Portia move together, the way they naturally gravitate towards each other. The more you read through the series, the more you realize how perfect they are for each other and it’s really difficult to not think of one without thinking of the other. They are both fiercely protective of each other which is a direct result of the challenges they’ve faced. They have been through so much and the beginning of the book starts off with a celebration that reminds you have wonderful it is to be in love and I LOVED watching how they were with each other. I loved the message that regardless of whether the sky is falling and the world is on the verge of destruction, there is always time for passion, for tenderness, for devotion. They're definitely one of my top book couples. Portia is really growing into the role of an amazing lead female. She shows a great strength in character now that she is more confident in her magical abilities and her relationship with Vance. She knows what she wants and what she needs to do to get it. She has complete faith in her love for Vance and does everything she can to protect him. She truly is Vance’s equal in this book and it was AMAZING to watch. You need to know that my heart went out to her in this book because I knew that inevitably there’s only so much a person can take and only so much they can give before they break. Her limits were constantly being challenged and I appreciated the emotions I felt through her as I was able to get a much better look at the world through her eyes. Vance Mangum. That really does say it all right? Just the sound of his name should give you an indication of what kind of character he is but if not let me share it with you. He is by far the best bad boy I’ve found in all of the YA genre. I know that may hurt Dimitri’s feelings (resident bad boy from the Vampire Academy series) but I have to call it as I see it. You can’t not read Vance and not have your knees weaken even just a little. I love the passion he feels for Portia and his total lack of fear in letting the entire world know how much he adores her. He leaves her with no doubt whatsoever that he is hers and that he would go to the end of the world for her. There were so many scenes in this book that had me totally in love with him and I have to say, as the lover of the evil bad boy – Vance has ALL the potential of driving me completely over the edge into bad boy Heaven. He fights his demon tendencies but still he struggles. The moment his eyes flash that sexy red, I’m swooning and I am DESPERATE to know what happens with him in the next book. There were so many Vance moments I loved in the book but the two that I can safely share without ruining anything is one from the opening chapters where Vance can’t take it one moment longer and pulls Portia into an empty room and RAVISHES her up against the wall. Oh yeah incredibly HOT. The other is when they are staying in Scotland and Vance finds himself with a very traditional piece of clothing. Let me whet your appetite a little and say Vance as a Highlander is an unbelievably SEXY image to have. I dare anyone to read the series, especially this book and NOT fall hopelessly in love with him. When you read this book prepare yourself for the roller coaster. This is Lacey Weatherford at her finest and I’m chomping at the bit to see what she has in store for Portia and Vance. It couldn’t possibly get any better could it? If reading this book is anyway to guess, I think book 4 is going to blow me over and seal my fate as one of the greatest fan of the Of Witches & Warlock series. It’s a definite drop everything your doing, sell a kidney if you have to, it’s that important that you read it book. Enjoy!