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Dr. Pus is a powerful voice in the zombie genre as the host of the popular Library of the Living Dead Podcast. He recently entered the world of publishing with the Library of the Living Dead Press and the Library of the Horror Press. He plans to showcase the best in the horror and zombie genre.

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Through the Eyes of the Undead
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 102,450. Language: English. Published: November 30, 2010 by Library of the Living Dead Press. Category: Fiction » Horror » General
Would you like to see what the living dead see? In the book you're holding you will experience the just that! There's more to a zombie than merely shuffling around in search of the next brain, and you will get a chance to have a glimpse into just what the reanimates see when they return after death.
Unbound and Other Tales
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 66,930. Language: English. Published: November 23, 2010 by Library of the Living Dead Press. Category: Fiction » Horror » General
UNBOUND & OTHER TALES is an excursion into the most bizarre corners of author David Dunwoody's imagination. The titular novel and eight short stories that follow present strange horrors from every walk of life - and beyond. Insects imprinted with human rage, gleeful heralds of the apocalypse, ghosts who take the living for joyrides, and a fictional villain come to life wait within.
Gross Movie Reviews - Volume 5
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 57,520. Language: English. Published: November 9, 2010 by Library of the Living Dead Press. Category: Nonfiction » Entertainment » Celebrity culture
Tim Gross is a sometimes insane horror movie fan who has written five books in the past five years reviewing horror films, B-flicks, and legendary films from the greats: David Carridine, Steven Seagal, Rutger Hauer, and Lance Henriksen... As one person described Tim, "he is the Pittsburgh version of Joe Bob Briggs!" Tim is from the heart and right to the point when reviewing horror films.
Letters from the Dead
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 46,570. Language: English. Published: October 27, 2010 by Library of the Living Dead Press. Category: Fiction » Horror » General
For decades, the dead ruled the Earth unchallenged, but their reign was finite. In time, they returned to the dust from which they came. When the living survivors emerged from their underground shelters, they would discover hundreds of thousands of tattered decaying messages, the letters left behind by the last to perish in the Zombie Apocalypse. These are those "Letters From The Dead."


Alienology: Tales from the Void
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 94,670. Language: English. Published: July 22, 2011. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » General
What lies in wait amongst the gleaming stars? In Alienology you'll explore the corners of an endless universe through twenty-eight tales of alien horror, written by new and established authors from around the globe.
The Scroll of Anubis
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 102,960. Language: English. Published: January 27, 2011. Category: Fiction » Horror » General
uman essence trapped withing dead flesh. These are the things that rest within our tombs, that have waited for the day to come when they could finally rise from the depths of the underworld. These are the creatures that man always intended to rise. Their time has come! Featuring 29 terrifying tales of the undead, The Scroll of Anubis takes you to places you could never imagine.

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