Reviews of The Bride and the Brute

A novella. Jayce Cullen has been fighting her fear of storms since she was a child, but nothing could have prepared her for the fury of her new husband. Feeling deceived and betrayed into a loveless marriage, Lord Reese Harrington wants nothing to do with his new wife. The beautiful bride must battle the demons of her husband's past and hope that she can weather the storm of his brutish behavior.


Gur01 reviewed on March 8, 2020

I heard one wise man say that if one keeps on thinking about a mistake, unintentionally they will do the mistake. I think in this story, the male lead character is too absorbed about his mother's infidelity due to which his father is dead. And then he is doing the same mistake of bedding others after marriage. Whether consummated or not he is a married man, and sleeping with other is not something which could be taken easily. Especially as he himself is suffering because of his mother's issues he should be able to think about his wife’s feeling. It is kind of projecting negative heroism I feel. If you don't worry much about the lead male character's infidelity issues, then go ahead and read.
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