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Cailin Briste is the pen name of a new romance writer. She's spent most of her career writing short feature articles and has written chapters in multi-author non-fiction books. She's also edited online publications. In 2013, she began writing her first romance novel. As the story percolated to the page, it was apparent that this novel would be just one in a series of novels about the Tallavan Marshals. Set in a futuristic, science fiction setting each novel will tell the story of a particular Tallavan Marshal. The Tallavan Marshals are based on the current US Marshal Service. This series is not sci-fi western. The first book, featuring Marshal Shane Tiernan, deals with the problems experienced by a dominant male in a society controlled by a matriarchy. Can he find the right woman to love, and if he does, will he be able to form a lasting relationship with her, even as he finds himself working to infiltrate and bring down a slave trafficking ring?

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