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Born and raised in the Central State of Oklahoma, in farm country, growing up wasn't easy Because, out of necessity, I became a farm hand at a very young age. But then, this did motivate me to create for myself a better life. Graduating from high school with high honors, I moved into college life where I studied math and music with my goal set to become a teacher. This became short lived as the salary would not support a family, so back to college to gain an Design Engineering Degree.
My love for writing developed along the way as I continually experienced life living on the edge where life really happens. I soon was recognized as a writer in Philosophy, Theology, Psychology with a sprinkle of Metaphysics mixed in. I have been published in a number of Periodicals across the United States and Canada. When the drop in the economy took this income away, I moved into more creative writing for digital readers.
In reading one of my recent published digital books, "Hezekiah, The Gospel According to Cal," one can read of my experiences in living on the edge of life and my deeper writings which resulted from the same. My growing up years yielded some radical experiences which led to a deeper understanding of life that I later recorded in the articles I have written. As I moved into some semblance of maturity, I do realize that there will always be within me that playful, curious little boy, seeking out what is up and beyond the mundane.
I find that I am always in support of the underdog or the unfortunate. This lifestyle shows in my main interest in Economics as I write about the unfairness of class segregation, the poor, the middle class, the rich in "Dollars From Heaven." Volume(s) I, II and III.
My service to the community is in youth activities. I have many children's stories which are now being converted into illustrated digital reading for children. I am Chaco, the story teller. Children love the character of Chaco as I animate "The Day Ole Sol Took a Vacation."


The Day Ole Sol Took A Vacation
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 4,250. Language: English. Published: March 20, 2013. Category: Fiction » Children’s books » Fairy Tales & Folklore / Adaptations
The Magic Log Children’s Story,is an Illustrated Children’s Story as told by Chaco. The story is a Fantasy base in Old Folk Lore as recited in campfire setting generation after generation.The Story imagines Ole Sol passing through the sky every day for gazillions of years and becomes bored. Ole Sol determines that no one appreciates Ole Sol and will not miss Ole Sol, so, Ole Sol Takes A Vacation!
Hezekiah The Gospel According To Cal
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 31,180. Language: English. Published: March 13, 2013. Category: Essay » Author profile
“Hezekiah, The Gospel According to Cal” A compilation of Truisms, Axioms, Antidotes, Articles, True to Life Stories all experienced and written by the Author, Caleb Jorge, carrying a message of Enlightened Living that makes life visions possible. The very first Hezekiah instruction to you is: “Do as I tell you, not as I do.” Hezekiah 55:30. You will understand by reading the stories inside.

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