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I am a writer. I've written two travel books, assembled another book of my poetry and am working on a book about my travels in the United States. Writing is therapeutic for me and I try to practice it every day.

I am a photographer. In my lifetime, I've tripped the shutter too many times to accurately count. But to give you an idea, there are over 13,900 of my photos on my website. Conservatively, including my three years as a professional photographer, I'd guess well over 250,000 times.

I am a vagabond. I travel where the four winds and the circle of East, South, West and North will carry me. To date those winds have taken me to 16 foreign countries, all 50 of the United States, all ten Provinces of Canada and two Canadian Territories. I have traveled by train from the North Sea in Belgium across two continents to the Sea of Japan in Russia. During that trip around the world I carried a backpack with my laptop, a few snacks and clothes and my camera, which was nearly always in my hands.
I am not done yet! Continuing to see what's over the next hill and around the next bend. Hopefully, 2012 will bring me to as many roads as 2011.

I am a lover of nature and an environmentalist. I believe that as much of this planet as possible should be protected and preserved for future generations. That we should use the earth's resources in a responsible way that causes no harm. That we have a right to breathe clean air and to drink clean water. That we have no right to cause the extinction of any species on this planet.

I am a person of peace. In my mind, war never solves anything. If you beat someone up for doing you a wrong, you haven't corrected the wrong. You have just made, at least, one more enemy. There are no just wars, because no matter how a nation is drawn into a war, the origin of that war was an unjust action. War is like medicine that treats symptoms, but does nothing to cure the disease.

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Oh! Canada!
Price: $6.49 USD. Words: 128,250. Language: English. Published: February 28, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » Travel » Camping & RVing
An American's three-month road trip through ten provinces of Canada and two territories. The adventures experienced, the wonders I saw and the people I met. I wanted to have fun and explore the country, but once I got there and took a good look around I realized there was much more there than scenery. The book relates the beauty of Canada and her people. I haven't met friendlier people anywhere.

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  • Leopard's Kin on July 30, 2012

    Can I give this book SIX or more stars? I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Take my word and buy this book. You will not be disappointed. It has horses and cats, BIG cats and little cats, and people and they are mystically intertwined into a story of fantasy and the paranormal that begs to not be put down until the ### at the end. It is a good thing that my Nook holds the place in the book, because I read until sleep set in several nights. If you like animals and mystery, you will like Leopard's Kin. This woman can write! I cannot wait for book #2 of this trilogy.