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Interested in all literature, in all good story telling no matter the format. Living in Los Angeles, favorite city. Having fun, it's a good thing.

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The Forgotten Ornament Awakens
Price: Free! Words: 3,570. Language: English. Published: January 25, 2016 . Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Hard sci-fi, Fiction » Science fiction » General
The fourth installment of the saga of the Forgotten Ornament finds the little girl facing the consequences of her heroism. She needs every bit of her strength to weather what awaits her in the aftermath of doing the right thing.
The Forgotten Ornament Strikes Back
Price: Free! Words: 3,140. Language: English. Published: December 2, 2014 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories, Fiction » Holiday » Christmas
(5.00 from 2 reviews)
The third installment of the saga of the Forgotten Ornament finds the little girl in a far off place where courage and honor are needed at this Christmas.
The Wound
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 74,620. Language: English. Published: February 12, 2014 . Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Hard sci-fi, Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
(5.00 from 3 reviews)
The Wound continues the story started in The Edge. We follow the path of one of the survivors of the Unity’s desperate victory against an unknown and formidable foe. Winning the battle has cost almost everything. And the enemy is not waiting though. War is coming. The survivor must heal and become something more if final victory is possible at all.
The Return of the Forgotten Ornament
Price: Free! Words: 1,900. Language: English. Published: December 5, 2013 . Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Short stories, Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
(5.00 from 3 reviews)
The sequel to The Forgotten Ornament continues the story of the little girl, the Forgotten Ornament, and their protectors as another Christmas descends upon them.
The DrearGyre
Price: Free! Words: 65,690. Language: English. Published: October 19, 2013 . Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » General, Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
(4.00 from 1 review)
Romulans. They define treachery in the extreme, practicing suspicion to the highest degree. They don’t trust the Federation especially Humans. And Humans reciprocate. A Romulan and a Human are thrust together in the turmoil of Romulan politics. War between the Empire and the Federation nears. Trust between the Human and the Romulan will be all they have to stop war and escape retribution.
Victory's End: Book 1 of the Vast War
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 88,840. Language: English. Published: July 10, 2013 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General, Fiction » Fantasy » Historical
Victory’s End, Book 1 of the The Vast War takes place in an alternate universe that is familiar because of the truths of our lives and familiar because of truths of our stories. In this world at this time, sentient and fantastical creatures including Humans live together in something approaching harmony. The world is recovering from a terrible conflict known as The Vast War. But is it over?
The Forgotten Ornament
Price: Free! Words: 1,610. Language: English. Published: December 18, 2012 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
(5.00 from 3 reviews)
A child insists that a Christmas story about a lost ornament have a happy ending. Even though it doesn't seem like it is possible.
The Edge
Price: Free! Words: 81,780. Language: English. Published: November 28, 2012 . Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Hard sci-fi, Fiction » Science fiction » Military
(4.33 from 3 reviews)
The interstellar war between the Earth allied Unity and the Kyrzal should have been quick and easy. The Unity victorious, the enemy humbled. But the war takes a nasty diversion. Mak, an Earth pod pilot aboard the DreadNought Exeter, finds that not all enemies are obvious. Nor are they easy. Hidden agendas, betrayals, complicate a dangerous situation into a fight just for survival.
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 52,220. Language: English. Published: February 14, 2012 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Psychological thriller
(5.00 from 1 review)
Tory’s life in Los Angeles is normal, recognizable, tolerable. Barely. A package arrives and suddenly the familiar morphs to strangeness, safety into menace. She must navigate the mysteries around her, try to understand her new reality before the violence surrounding the package destroys her and her friends.
Pile of Stone
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,220. Language: English. Published: January 12, 2011 . Categories: Fiction » Literature » Plays & Screenplays
Trying to make sense of a time that has passed, a man builds markers that seem inexplicable and timeless.
You set the price! Words: 9,760. Language: English. Published: December 2, 2009 . Categories: Fiction » Literature » Plays & Screenplays
Gail, a psychiatrist specializing in savants, is enmeshed in the peculiar talent of a new patient. It threatens her career and her sanity as she struggles to cure and help the family of the blessed or cursed young savant.
Certain Death
Price: Free! Words: 3,620. Language: English. Published: September 14, 2009 . Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » General
(4.00 from 2 reviews)
In a universe of immortality, are we so different? Why choose death?
You set the price! Words: 5,860. Language: English. Published: September 5, 2009 . Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » General
In this world, the Cull assures that the population is kept strictly under control. Everyone agrees with the necessity. Except maybe his wife... Has she run from the government to protect her brood or are there other forces at work?
Crying Uncle
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 5,790. Language: English. Published: August 12, 2009 . Categories: Fiction » Horror » General
Running and hiding does no good when you call your demon to you.
The Skin Gallery
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 6,560. Language: English. Published: July 31, 2009 . Categories: Fiction » Horror » General
She wants MIke do a special tattoo on her. And she's going to get it from him no matter what it takes and who has to die.
Missive Attack
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 2,720. Language: English. Published: July 25, 2009 . Categories: Fiction » Horror » General
Don't you just hate Christmas Letters?
You set the price! Words: 5,860. Language: English. Published: July 6, 2009 . Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » General
How can you deal with an alien who has seeming limitless power but has tried to hide himself away? A man, broken by a previous First Contact, must come to terms with his own history as he tries to solve the riddle.
You set the price! Words: 4,630. Language: English. Published: June 3, 2009 . Categories: Fiction » Horror » General
(5.00 from 1 review)
Partners in violent crime extort a secret from a victim which they find leads to a gruesome parting of the ways. Some secrets are best not known.
In Paintings
You set the price! Words: 9,030. Language: English. Published: May 26, 2009 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General
A Demon and a mortal come to an agreement on the meaning of appearance and pain and art and survival and even a little about love.
The Tube
You set the price! Words: 6,270. Language: English. Published: April 14, 2009 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General
(4.00 from 1 review)
An assassin has a chance to redeem himself. Will his code under which he has lived and survived allow him to save instead of kill?

Smashwords book reviews by Leslie Lee

  • Anna, Wake Up on Dec. 23, 2009

    Anna, Wake Up is a gritty view of domestic violence that rewards the reader with a glimpse of the power needed to escape and move on. There is a spiritual element that provides both mystery and interest. A very good story, well worth reading. I highly recommend it.
  • The First Tale on Nov. 02, 2010

    Buy it. The First Tale is a fun read by icy Sedgwick. The story moves fast providing quick turns and jolts. She has created a world I hope she will continue to explore and reveal to us what she has found. Her characters are enjoyable, the setting intriguing, the plot suspenseful. There are many questions left, leaving me wanting more. I am glad she did not mire the story in details, yet I hope she does flesh out her world if she chooses to revisit in subsequent books. Well worth reading.
  • The King of Cherokee Creek on April 18, 2012

    For The King of Cherokee Creek, Marian Allen has written an anthology mostly about the town of Cherokee Creek and its inhabitants. The town is a bit of our nation most people will recognize and feel comfortable with. But in this slice of Americana, stories run deep, people are not as we expect. The author opens our eyes to possibilities. In our eternal need to categorize everything, I would place this anthology on the magical realism of everyday life shelf. Or maybe in the just plain good fun reading section. Marian Allen evokes the characters in her story with an easy but incisive phrase or two. For example, “She had never seen her lift her feet except to step onto or over something but the woman shuffled faster than a pig could trot.” It’s a lovely phrase. There are more thankfully, though the author is restrained and subtle in her use, allowing the narrative and plot to take center stage. Her dialogue of this midwest town is authentic. Well, authentic enough for me to think that is how people speak there. For all I know, people in small midwest towns speak Eskimo. You’ll like the characters you meet here, care for their trials and tribulations, and be intrigued by the thin thread of magic weaving through each of the stories. And you get a bonus story at the end that’s very funny. Buy it, read it, enjoy it, and hope that Marian Allen will continue to tell us the stories of Cherokee Creek and its King. Looking forward to hearing more from Bud.
  • Those Dang Chihuahuas! on Dec. 11, 2013

    A fun fantasy by an up and coming author, the story ranges far and wide with creativity and excitement. I enjoyed the little twists and turns that this young author's fertile imagination displays. I’m going to be following her growth and enjoying her stories.