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​I am a 32-year old author who wants to share the worlds inside my head with everyone. The theme woven through my books is survival. We survive adversity, trauma, hardship and obstacles every day. I survived a decade of child abuse and domestic violence. I want fellow survivors to know they aren't alone. You matter. It is okay to hit rock bottom, to fall, but we don't need to unpack and live there. Writing is what helped me survive, and continues to do so. It has been my life-saving foundation while struggling with mental illness and PTSD. Now, I want the worlds inside my head to reach you.

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Beyond Dark
Veteran criminal psychologist, Agent Alyssa Rawkesby, has spent her career studying, chasing and arresting the most prolific female serial killers around the world. She delves into the terrifying minds of women who kill. They are mothers, daughters, grandmothers and they seem perfectly normal. But as the daughter of two narcissists, Alyssa knows from experience that flawless exteriors can be pure illusion. Sometimes what lurks behind the curtain of eloquence and perfection is most horrifying of all. As she struggles with her own mental disorder and past, she is assigned a new partner – Agent Thayer Volikov. A charismatic Russian tech analyst bursting with empathy and compassion Alyssa lacks. Thayer brings his own questionable past into the picture, slowly brought to light as he and Alyssa take on the Russian mafia infiltrating the streets of Ottawa, Ontario. Can they learn to work together before the damage of corruption and sadistic tendencies tears the city apart?
Beyond Dark 1: Belladonna
Price: $3.99 $1.99 USD. (50% off until Oct. 23!)


Beyond Dark 1: Belladonna
Series: Beyond Dark. Price: $3.99 $1.99 USD. (50% off until Oct. 23!) Words: 69,930. Language: English. Published: May 29, 2021. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » Police Procedural
As an expert in female serial killers, and a veteran criminal psychologist, Alyssa never before encountered a case like this. Is Belladonna a sadistic monster, or a victim of something sinister Alyssa is too familiar with? She fears looking Belladonna in the eye will be like looking at her own reflection - or that of someone she cut from her life a long time ago. But time is running out.
Melting Candles
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 26,690. Language: Canadian English. Published: October 21, 2014. Categories: Poetry » Canadian Poetry
A book of poetry and memoirs straight from the memories of a child abuse and domestic violence survivor, "Melting Candles" reaches out to fellow survivors to provide inspiration and hope, a light at the end of the tunnel.

Smashwords book reviews by Lavinia Thompson

  • Expert Witness on July 10, 2012

    "It is the duty of an attorney to do all of the following: To maintain inviolate the confidence, and at every peril to himself or herself, to preserve the secrets of his or her client. ~ Business and Professional Code That is quote with which Rebecca Forster ends her brilliant "Witness" series that follows the career of Josie Bates, a once notorious defense attorney who left behind a world of high-profile clients to settle into a low crime rate city of Hermosa Beach. In this final instalment of the series, Bates goes missing, her adopted daughter Hannah is about to go back to child protective services, and Josie's boyfriend Archer is desperate to save both Hannah and Josie. I am sad the series has ended. I simply love these books. Forster writes with impeccable detail, the eyes of an attorney, and knows her stuff. All four of these books have been rated five stars by me simply because they really keep you guessing and there is always an unexpected twist. I will definitely be seeking out Forster's other books. Thank you, Rebecca Forster, for writing this amazing series. I will likely be reading it again soon!