Lelith L


The sound of drums marches as she smiles and charges up the hill in the rain. I was cautiously watching because happiness is contagious, and I have an image to maintain. The Improbable Woman won me over anyway. Dance floors are brighter when she is nearby, and the Wheel of Excellence will never be the same. She throws off the heat of a candle burning on both ends, and you cradle her inspiration close because you want to see her in that light. We bonded over improbable things, and that suited us both fine.

Dragons. It's the sort of thing you never quite expect to hear, but are overjoyed when it comes up. Lelith smiles and wets her lips, drags us into a Neros for a coffee, and doesn't dare ask if that's what's weighing down my backpack. Shoeboxes tugged from her own bags, she claps her hands and makes room for each of her precious babies after a quick cuddle and kiss. I can only hope that Bad Dragon keeps coming out with new fantastic ideas. I thoroughly enjoy spoiling Lelith rotten for all the things she's done to make improvements with Cherish Desire.

Of course, it's more than that. Lelith is improbable. With two sets of DNA and two immune systems constantly battling one another, she is always one step from the perilous unknown. Precious and sincere, she claps her hands and we share a wander through the hills and tangled shops of Brighton before she's off with her heavy bags stuffed full of new dragons to tuck in and care for once they arrive at their new home. She writes slowly, her emotions tempered in careful phrases, but each story is full of passionate fury. At times, collaboration becomes something more singular as the stories take on their own life and storm the castle gates. Sometimes she vanishes, living her drumming life and visiting her owl friend, and there is silence.

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Free Orgasms
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Bring the dragons out to play. Enjoy what we like to call draco-amory! Ranging from intense sexual pleasures to feverish fantasies, "Free Orgasms - Wicked Dragons" features eight erotica stories inspired by seductive Bad Dragon toys.
She Comes First Collection 1
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Object Confessions: Lover Of Dragons
Series: Free Orgasms. Price: Free! Words: 13,540. Language: American English. Published: July 11, 2015 by Max. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » BDSM, Fiction » Erotica » Paranormal
Very Dirty Stories Free Erotica Series Presents: "Object Confessions: Lover Of Dragons" from Very Dirty Stories #171 - written by Lelith L with Max D. Her sexual fantasies lead her to intense dragon pleasures. She seeks out the magnificence of their immense need to satisfy her tender heat.