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Angelita Gill
Latest book: First and Forever. Published April 27, 2015.
Arlene Webb
Latest book: Falling for Water. Published December 31, 2012.
Avril Ashton
Latest book: Dasher. Published December 10, 2015.
Berengaria Brown
Latest book: Gunny's Elusive Target. Published April 2, 2019.
Candace Gold
Latest book: The Greatest Gift of All. Published December 20, 2013.
Casey Wilder
Latest book: An Absolutely Incredible Valentine. Published January 28, 2012. (4.43 from 7 reviews)
Celia Kyle
Latest book: Wicked Prey. Published February 23, 2011.
Cerise DeLand
Latest book: More Than You Know. Published October 7, 2012.
Cheyenne McCray
Latest book: Bad Boy Christmas: Box Set. Published October 25, 2014.
Claudy Conn
Latest book: Daring Deceit. Pre-release—available July 23, 2019.
Danica Avet
Latest book: Dasher's Bargain. Published December 18, 2016.
Danielle E. Gauwain
Latest book: Born. Published August 19, 2012.
DS Delacroix
Latest book: The Night Visitor. Published May 27, 2014.
Elizabeth Kelley
Latest book: The Hellions. Published March 2, 2010. (2.00 from 1 review)
Elyzabeth M. VaLey
Latest book: Open. Published May 31, 2019.
Erika Moran
Latest book: Spanked Princesses: The Pianist. Published December 21, 2011.
Eva Gale
Latest book: The Seduction of Gabriel Stewart. Published January 28, 2009. (4.65 from 37 reviews)
Georgia Fox
Latest book: Princes of Charming. Published November 24, 2012.
Isabella Olivia Ellis
Latest book: Becoming His Little One. Published March 22, 2013.
Jane Rochester
Latest book: Soul Mate. Published October 24, 2011.
Jenevieve DeBeers
Latest book: Pet MILF. Published May 25, 2017.
JJ Flowers
Latest book: Mary Poppins Retires. Published December 29, 2017.
JoAnne Kenrick
Latest book: Marry Me, I'm Irish. Published March 15, 2013. (4.00 from 3 reviews)
Jorja Lovett
Latest book: Seduced by the Daredevil. Published September 9, 2014.
Kelly Yeakle
Latest book: The Sweetest Gift. Published December 1, 2011.
Kelly Yeakle
Latest book: Sinful Desires. Published September 12, 2014.
Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
Latest book: An Emerald Heart. Published October 13, 2012.
Lila Shaw
Latest book: Second Chance Layover. Published October 11, 2018.
Lilah Claret
Latest book: Pretty Boy. Published February 2, 2013.
London Saint James
Latest book: Dark Tales Diaries: Volume Three. Published October 24, 2015.
Lynda Chance
Latest book: Ethan and Ava. Published March 12, 2019.
Maya Emmerich
Latest book: Beast. Published July 2, 2012. (3.80 from 5 reviews)
Michelle Grotewohl
Latest book: The Female Hero. Published April 1, 2019.
Naomi Clark
Latest book: Chaos Songs. Published March 27, 2019.
Nicky Penttila
Latest book: The Science of Second Chances. Published November 27, 2013.
Shannan Albright
Latest book: Dark Desire. Published July 4, 2014.
Teresa Morgan
Latest book: Desert Sheikh vs American Princess. Published September 15, 2015.
Terri Molina
Latest book: Body & Soul. Published April 25, 2019.
Vallory Vance
Latest book: Déjà Vu. Published March 21, 2013. (4.00 from 1 review)
Vanessa Devereaux
Latest book: Mending the Bear. Published April 11, 2016.
Xondra Day
Latest book: Quench. Published April 16, 2018. (4.50 from 2 reviews)
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