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Rhonda R. Carpenter is an award winning Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression as well as a renowned Psychic, the 5th generation in a long line of powerfully clairvoyant women. Her first fiction fantasy novel was released in 2008. She lives and works in the mountains of Southern California. For more information here are her websites where she blogs about life, writing, podcasting and publishing www.themarkofadruid.com www.lifefirst.com; www.rhondacarpenter.com


The Mark of a Druid
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 135,680. Language: English. Published: September 6, 2009. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General, Fiction » Historical » General
When twenty-six-year-old Eve McCormick awakes, the images from her nightmare are indelible. The dream feels so real she must force herself to get a grip. This experience is just the beginning for Eve, a Los Angeles clinical hypnotherapist and researcher investigating whether reincarnation is fact or fiction. A Celtic lifetime as a druidess and a strange shape shifter must join or die!

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Smashwords book reviews by Rhonda Carpenter

  • Caledonii: Birth of a Nation. (Part One: The Great Gather) on Dec. 26, 2011

    Grabbed the sample and was sold! Caledonii: Birth of a Nation. (Part One: The Great Gather) Took this reader to her favorite time frame, introduced her to great characters and a story line worth reading. Well written and researched part one will take you a journey far way from modern day technology and drop you into the complex workings of clan life in Norland. Everyone has something they want and that includes the Dhruids. Part one was so intriguing that I bought all 3 books and will be waiting for 4 to hit, soon I hope. Ian Hall, my thanks to you for sharing your writing and this story in particular.
  • Caledonii: Birth of a Nation. (Part Two; The Druid's Plan.) on Dec. 26, 2011

    Bravo Ian Hall! Caledonii: Birth of a Nation. (Part Two; The Druid's Plan.) After reading a small sample of the first book in this series I had to buy all of the ones that are currently available. Book 2 Was not a disappointment in any way I can think of. I read it and moved on to 3 in a matter a few hours! While the author takes clan feuds and parent/child friction in this book it was obvious to me that the author has a clear and full on understanding of the culture he is writing about. A great danger looms on the horizon but when will the Romans move invade and where will they hit next? One of the main character's bothers is called to service and training as a Dhruid. His journey opens a perspective into the political druidic issues in a way that I have not read about before. While he trains for life or death the Main Character amps up the mystery and thrill of the story. Page turning didn't slack for a moment. Another great section of this saga Ian Hall! Telling all my friends about this series!
  • Caledonii: Birth of a Nation. (Part Three; The Coming of Age) on Dec. 26, 2011

    Oh More needed now! Dear Mr. Hall I am so pleased to have had the honor to read your work. Thank you for sharing. The cliff hanger at the end of Book 3 is almost more than I can stand. I do hope you will continue with this saga. If I had one complaint it would be that you need to spend a bit o' money on cover design. I am sure many people are gazing right past these wonderful books because the covers are not up to the quality of the story. Book 3 for me went by so fast because you have me hooked on your characters and plots. I want to know more and I want to know more about the political details of the Dhruidic brotherhood. As the main Character gets closer to uniting the clans without sharing the plan with his over controlling father danger hovers in the future. Will he meet the end prophesied by the dying arch dhruid or by the love he is disconnected from? Is it possible they could both be true. The other clans younger generations are starting to run but will it happen too late and who is the enemy that betrays him? Please let me know when your next books is released. Again well done! The highest compliment I can give you is asking for more of this story!