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From the editor...

"The Chronicles of Heaven's War" is a series, with seven books available on Smashwords: "Book I, Sisters of the Bloodwind"; "Book II, Burning Phoenix"; "Book III, Blood Moon Rising"; "Book IV, Hell Above the Skies"; Book V, Ghosts of Lagandow"; "Cry of the Eagle Spirits", Vol. I, "The Chronicles of Heaven's War, Book VI"; and "Cry of the Eagle Spirits", Vol II, "The Chronicles of Heaven's War, Book VI".

Why write “The Chronicles of Heaven’s War”? People through the ages have struggled to survive wars, famines, violence, racial divisions, slavery, evil rulers...the list goes on and on. Why?

For every generation of men and women, no matter where on this planet, people have wondered and dreamed of peace and a decent life, talked about it, written about it, searched for it. Who is behind the scenes causing all of this misery? Is there anyone fighting to stop them? And is there any hope for a better life to be had?

In 2002, Ava started writing the Chronicles. I know because I was there. At the outset of Book I, the dedication reads, ‘This book is dedicated to the silent sentinels who have sacrificed everything for us, the unknowing and uncaring, so that we may have a hope of a better future. Without their assistance and protection, I doubt any freedom would still exist for mankind to enjoy.’

"The Chronicles of Heaven's War" is a labor of love for us both. There has only been Ava writing the Chronicles with me as the editor/proof reader, also bringing these out as ebooks and the first two books in paperback. The two of us have spent countless hours for years reading these books together, making adjustments and changes. We have no formal training or experience...just a desire to share this with all of you.

And it continues, with two more volumes of "Cry of the Eagle Spirits" to follow. We look forward to bringing these to you to enjoy. Thank you.

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About the author...

Ava Dohn is a man of many interests and talents.

Growing up, the American Civil War fascinated him...the men, the battles, courage and conviction on both sides. Eventually he would walk the battlefields and imagine the slaughter and loss of life. Even as a young boy, he played at war in the fields near his home.

From a young age, he poured over ancient and modern history, pondering mankind's past. Ava also has a keen interest in other dimensions, who might live there and how they've influenced people through the ages.

Talents? He loves machines, tinkers with them, marvels at what people have made. His work skills include tool & die and a degree in electrical engineering. A thirst to know about the natural world drives him to absorb all the knowledge he can and try out ways people in the past worked and lived, learning their survival techniques.

Above all is his ability to set down this amazing saga of "The Chronicles of Heaven's War". His love of people combined with a desire to share what pours forth from his heart and mind has led to seven books detailing a possible alternate history with profound implications for humanity. And there are more to come...
Remarkable man, intriguing story...

And from Ava, himself...

It is a customary thing to write a short soliloquy of rhapsodic prose regarding an author of words who has put pen to paper and written down by a hand not self-made and from a brain not understood, a tale of suspense or intrigue that the reader finds titillating to his or her senses. Credit is then taken by the author for the seemingly random charges of chemical and electrical energy that make those thought processes possible and that have then been woven into a tapestry of verbal music that plays upon the hearts and minds of those who open their eyes to see into the world of the author's mind.

Ava is no such author. "Take the tools you have been given and share your works with the world of men." This is a motto of one who writes from the heart, one wishing to share the emotion felt, to give the reader pause to see beyond the ordinary into a world that may or may not exist in reality, but most certainly does in the heart and soul of any and all who believe there exists something greater than the frail human body. To dream and help others dream of a world beyond their own, to share the life and love of those who might possibly reside there, to help them see that they do not journey upon the secluded path alone...that is the goal of this author.


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