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EH Watson: Author, Entrepreneur, International Traveler and Hedonistic lover of Transsexuals.

Home Base: London, United Kingdom

Now for the more personal bio:

Welcome My Wonderful Readers.

I should start this biography by confessing what must be fairly obvious to some of you. E.H.Watson is in fact a pseudonym that I have adopted for publishing my previous written works and numerous other content that I am creating that should start appearing on various sites and mediums on the internet in the coming weeks and months. It is true however that I am a British man and am currently a relatively young 35 years of age as of Sunday 7th July 2013. I am currently based in North London. That's in the United Kingdom for those of my readers who are not familiar with England.

My reason for adopting a pseudonym is simple. I participate in many other entrepreneurial activities and ventures both offline and online and although I don't doubt that the majority of the people I meet through my various endeavours are basically decent and open-minded, some people are somewhat more conservative and some may frown on my lifestyle. These people are I am sure decent human beings and are of course entitled to their own opinions. To avoid any embarrassment to them, I publish under a different name. That's my sole reason for publishing my writings and other transgender-loving content under a pseudonym.

That being said, I would advise all of my readers who live in the West like myself, or those who live in conservative parts of the globe and yet want to enjoy life to the fullest and explore their love or curiosity about the third sex, to do so by conducting themselves in ways that are appropriate for their environment. As a brief example, although picking up a stunning ladyboy off the streets of Bangkok and paying her for sex may be perfectly okay there, I wouldn't try that in the UK otherwise I'd be done for curb crawling or being a public nuisance - fair enough.

Okay back to my bio: I have lived in England all my life and up until a few years ago, I was living a fairly boring life as an office worker at a local council in London. I did the usual things of the 9 to 5 job, squash on Saturdays, the occasional office drinks up down at the pub and even the sexually prudish girlfriend bit. However I have always had a dark side, or at least what I thought was a dark side. It turns out that this was simply my true enlightened self, bursting to be free.

In the end I was set free when I decided to explore the strong desires and attractions that I had for the third sex and visited my first shemale club in London. I went on my own, too afraid to have anyone I knew, know my true desires. I'll keep this brief by saying that I had a life-changing sexual experience with multiple partners in that one night that changed my lifestyle, priorities and focus forever. Since then I've been travelling around the world and meeting stunningly beautiful transexuals, both as casual sex partners and as girlfriends.

I write these books mainly as a way of cataloguing my experiences and also being able to share my experiences with others to help them experience the joys of being with shemales, if only at first vicariously, and later taking those first tentative steps to exploring the world of the transexual for themselves.

With all that said, all that I ask is that you continue to visit this author page where I'll be adding a regularly updated Twitter feed and Blog feed in the weeks ahead; in order to keep you, my wonderful readers, updated on my exploits, thoughts, musings and any free offers or other content that I'll be sending your way.

I'll end by saying that I do very much appreciate and welcome positive reviews being placed on Amazon; but even negative reviews where constructive are welcome. This is as long as they are submitted with the right intentions and come from a genuine motivation to help other readers assess my work and not for any ulterior motive.

With that said, for my readers that simply want to read and enjoy all of my content, many thanks and happy reading. For those of you who read my books and other content and are motivated to pursue their own transexual adventures:

Happy Hunting! :)

EH Watson

Smashwords Interview

How do you discover the ebooks you read?
Good question! I tend to group my ebook interests into three camps: a) Erotica b) Biographies c) Science Fiction . I then have different discovery criteria for each category. For Erotica, I am very open-minded and love to see what's out there and so whatever platform I happen to be using, whether Smashwords, Amazon or another site, I will simply browse through the Erotica section on those platforms and glance at the titles, the book cover and the book description. The book cover for me is very important and I think that is true of any genre and format, whether ebook or print. The cover sells the book for me. In this case I believe that you can judge a book by its cover. The more interesting and professional the cover, the better. For Biographies, I tend to search for titles on specific people that I'm interested in. Right now I'm reading a biography on President John F Kennedy. For Science Fiction, the same approach applies as to my criteria for Erotica. I am open-minded as to subject and author and instead focus my search via the title, the cover and the content description.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The first collection of stories I ever wrote was based on stories I had told to the boys in my boarding school dormitory (based in Hertfordshire, England) between the ages of 12 and 14. We used to entertain each other after our duty master (the adult who supervised our section of the boarding house) turned off our lights. We would get in trouble and be reprimanded if we were caught talking after 'lights out', but that didn't stop us entertaining each other with stories, which were for some reason often sexual in nature. This perhaps was natural given that we were all boys at a single-sex boarding school with only a handful of women amongst the staff. Often these stories would be based on each others' imaginations. My specialty however was to tell the rest of the dormitory what I would love to do with the female staff members. Even at that age I had a very high sex drive and love of beauty in whatever form - whether male or female. I didn't let on about my bisexual curiosity at that stage but simply told stories about the matron, our female Physics teacher and our Maths teacher. Sometimes I would tell a story based on my fantasies about a particular boy in our boarding house but change some details so that it sounded like one of the female members of staff. If my fellow dorm members had known this was the case, I'd probably have been subject to a bruising. Anyway to answer your question, my first compendium of short stories were my collation of all of the stories I had told as a young prepubescent teenager.
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Where to find EH Watson online

Twitter: @ehwatsTSlover
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