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I love Horror.... I write reviews of how I enjoyed a book... not a critique... I cant write a diary so have no right to tell someone how to do so!! I dont mind pointing out the bleeding obvious tho'!!
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Smashwords book reviews by vix kirkpatrick

  • Feed on Jan. 24, 2012

    this was recommended to me... and at first I was really unsure.. it leapt along with so many cliches that i was groaning and about to give up. HOWEVER... it soon slowed and gave such vivid brain visuals it was impressive... but the best bit in a sad way is the ending... unique and mind blowing! I would really like the author to revise this and maybe eek it a little bit more.... the bits i enjoyed were over in seconds... and ending just touched on the potential horror!
  • In Extremis on Jan. 24, 2012

    ok... so now I am hooked. Did not understand how this fantastic author wrote at first but now I think I get it!! More than fast paced this author is staccato (short, sharp, crisp & detached) In few words he describes a scene allowing you to develop it in your mind before slamming you into the next horror. This zombie interlude gives no explanations, nor needs one, with no start or finish, just a plop straight into the middle. another good ending.... without any gush at all Jerry is becoming a firm favourite.... I do wish he would produce a full novel to expand on his unique thoughts... although I would probably need some prozac to calm down afterwards!
  • Lie Canthropy on Jan. 24, 2012

    if the merit of a horror story can be measured by the amount of bile you have to swallow back down then this hits the top spot! how can you gush when you have a mouthful of that... drool maybe?! riveted from the first paragraph I almost fell in love with the old barber... the build up for the little girl was amazing, all the villagers etc... so the ending was a real shock... which apart from the snappy writing style seems to be Jerry forte!! a shock ending.. you really dont see them coming! as always... please write a longer novel!!! I would love to entertained by you for days instead of hours!
  • Unleashed: Tail One on Jan. 25, 2012

    Loris' writing style is exceptionally flavour filled, reminiscent of poetry! She is expansive in her using of describing words... often had to stop and look up the words!! how exciting! 3 differing perspectives on the same crime... was a first a little confusing as no heading to differentiate.... but soon go the hang of it! I was not sure if I felt sorry or horrified by the poor pusscat!! as a cat owner I will never leave my stinky socks in their bed (my laundry basket!) again, just in case! a brilliant book to introduce me to a clever, funny and articulate author!
  • Heartbeat on Jan. 30, 2012

    Both sad, funny and horrific this little tale packs a potent punch. From visions of Zombie Elvis hunters to a strange,horrifying future... but at least chocolate remains a priority! Lori has such a blunt way of stating the horrors that you need to read the sentence twice to make sure you read it correctly, then the real horror hits you... not in the gore-fest but the possible truth. again, Lori, manages to astound me with little phrases that no American should know! and excites me with a new descriptive word that I need to dash off and look up! brilliant stuff!
  • Tick on Feb. 01, 2012

    and I thought it was only me that was driven bonkers by ticking clocks.... a relentless story of Colin going bonkers... although he didnt have to go to far! anyone who has felt true rage will understand how Colin feels. Its just a bit spooky to have it written down for you! Jerry has a way of writing that leaves your nails bitten to the pulp and he then finishes the story by sprinkling salt on just to set the hairs on fire too....
  • Christmas Spirit on Feb. 01, 2012

    a good twist on the Night before Xmas yarn.... with a fab ending! just how far will we go for a happy ending? beats the angel getting its wings hands down! thanks for another great read!
  • Death Bonds on Feb. 01, 2012

    Bent halos... what a great description for a marriage with problems! Lindas "affair" was so truthful it hurt. then the pleasantries stop! a full on ghost story with a stomach churning ending. Jerry yet again manages to wrap you up in a story which throws you from happy families to complete horror in a turn of a page. descriptive to the point of smelling the characters, you come away from the book with a distinct chill and sense of yuck! awesome!
  • Tears of Love on Feb. 01, 2012

    a whole childhood moment wrapped in total horror! has left me feeling really bereft and tearful.... Jerry has such a knack of drawing you in and then spitting you out all chewed up and a little shaken! such power in so few words.... c'mon Man write a novel!!! beg beg!
  • Chocolate-Covered Eyes: A Sampler Of Horror on Feb. 19, 2012

    Lori's style is initially a bit of a shock to me... its a bit like going out for fish 'n' chips and ending with the a silver service, fine dining novelle cuisine meal! If you are looking for some light reading, run away now... Lori is intense, emotion evoking, gigglesome in parts, never dull and exhausting in her descriptions. To start with I tried to just read Lori's wondering outpourings, but oh no, you need to digest them, allow them to flow over you and get lost in her worlds.... I love her ideas and the way she teaches me new words on nearly every page! to this actual book! Not sure I will ever accept chocolate treats off of a monster every again! The off the blocks starter poem was funny yet gruesome! loved it! Heartbeat - Zombies rule! but so do cool kids and chocolate! the vision of brains being soup du jour will take awhile to disolve! I so wanted to hug this young chap at the end of the story... Nuance - this was a complex story which I had trouble reading and enjoying the first time, but when read over again I romped through it!! Lori has such complex ways of describing characters that you have trouble keeping track of who is who (my only complaint!) leaving me a little bamboozled! however, how can you not love carnival freaks & ghosties as a topic! My favourite line was "nature, nurture, adopted, abducted whats the difference!" made me giggle! Tail One - I love cats and have now amended my behavior towards them.... they are the masters I am the slave!! looking forward to kittys travels... such a unique perspective!! Beyond the Stump - Social Services have alot to answer for. Lori manages to single out your emotion nerve and then wring it for all its worth in this murdersome tale... is it ok to empathise with the "bad" guy? Bedeviled - read this as a stand alone novel... MUCH better the 2nd time, which seems to be how to read Lori's work... you get sooooo much more the next time, you wonder how you missed it! (I did find the constant descriptions of characters instead of their names a bit confusing!) Not your usual horror stuff but I dare you not to sleep with ear plugs in after this little tale! Macabre - the old Haunted House/Ghost story slammed into your face and rubbed around in the maggottygoo!! gently, gently, SLAM is how I felt... and unusually left wanting to know more... A fantastic collection.... Lori Lopez is not a quick read,she mostly definitely needs cogitating but is so worth the effort as her characters and stories revolve in your head long after the book is shut.
  • Bedeviled on Feb. 19, 2012

    Bedeviled - read this as a stand alone novel... MUCH better the 2nd time, which seems to be how to read Lori's work... you get sooooo much more the next time, you wonder how you missed it! (I did find the constant descriptions of characters instead of their names a bit confusing!) Not your usual horror stuff but I dare you not to sleep with ear plugs in after this little tale! (extended review for Lori's collection Chocolate Covered Eyes)
  • Takers on March 20, 2012

    as per the normal for Jerry you land, like a worm infested pod, slap bang in the middle of the horror.... you know from the first sentence what awaits you will be yuckdydooda but you keep reading as Jerry enthralls you with his story telling. No long winded back story, just a blast into the here and now with a loving family literally eaten alive...dogs, worms, humans? who cares...blood and brains for everyone! its picnic day at the beach! a "fun" little read that leaves you a little slimey and not really looking forward to your lunch of spaghetti on toast!
  • Hamster Horror on April 15, 2012

    I really liked the start of this exceptionally short story! but then it felt like the author came home after a night on the piddlejuice and finished it... poor grammar, bad spelling, you name it!! and it finished so suddenly!! what a shame... thought this could have been really good with a comedy slant.