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J.M. Hardin is a trans woman who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. In the past she's been a singer/songwriter and a live sound tech, but since she could never get demos of his songs that she's happy with there are no recordings of his original music. She hasn't written anything in a long while, but she has several stories she wants to share one of these days.

Smashwords Interview

How do you discover the ebooks you read?
Sometimes I look for books by authors I already know and enjoy, but sometimes I just look at the shelves and see if anything catches my attention. For ebooks I will go through the new releases on Smashwords' main page and look to see if something looks interesting. I've found a number of authors that way and I really hate that my laptop died because it's made reading ebooks almost impossible.
What do you read for pleasure?
Generally I'll read mysteries but it mostly depends on what I want to read. I have a few authors that I'll go through and read everything they write but beyond that it depends on what I'm in the mood for.
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Smashwords book reviews by J.M. Hardin

  • Smashwords Style Guide on Aug. 05, 2013

    I love this book! I recently decided to self-publish a short story I wrote years ago and this book made it super easy to get it ready for submission to Smashwords. I wrote it in LibreOffice (an open source answer to MS Office) and with the tips in this book I uploaded my story and not only did it pass the AutoVetter, but I uploaded the EPUB that Meatgrinder created to EPUBCHECK and it passed on the first try! Even if you don't want to submit your work to Smashwords (and why wouldn't you?) you should read this book to help you get your writing ready to sumbit for publishing elsewhere.
  • Miniature Fiction: 50 Very Short Stories on Aug. 06, 2013

    I wasn't sure what to expect from this book but it ended up vbeing a very enjoyable read. I'm definitely going to visit his site and read more very short stories, and I may even contribute one or two myself sometime.
  • The Comic on Aug. 06, 2013

    A very funny read, with a twist you don't see coming. I'll have to read more of Chris' writing. He made me a fan with this little freebie, and it's definitely worth more than I paid for it.
  • Free Writer on Aug. 06, 2013

    It was the perfect find as I got ready to publish my first short story and it makes me that much more glad new authors have Smashwords to get our stories out. It's a short read, but even if you have no plans of writing anything yoruself, let alone publishing anything, you have to read Free Writer. Even if you just want to see how it was in the bad old days.
  • Writing Starter Kit: Mini Edition on Aug. 06, 2013

    I recently decided to publish my first short story, and I was thinking about what to write next. Getting the mini edition of the WSK is just what I needed, and I've put the full kit on my shopping list so I can remember to get it just as soon as I can.
  • Karma on Aug. 07, 2013

    I got the book because of the name, but as I read the story I was glad I had gotten it. It's not my normal cup of tea, being an old white guy, but I love the way Monique wrote Karma's story. I look forward to reading more of her work.
  • Dear Journal on Aug. 07, 2013

    A great story about somneone who has lost morethan most of us will ever be asked to give up. Please keep writing, I look forward to reading more from you.
  • My Afternoon with Garbo on Aug. 26, 2013

    I loved this little story. I"m going to have to read more of what he writes, just to enjoy the way us uses words. If his other tales are even half as enjoyable as this one he's got a fan for life.
  • Growth on Sep. 17, 2013

    This book of poetry was one of the first ebooks I got from SW and I can't believe it took me so long to read it. It's my top recommendation on the weekly ebook recommendations for this week, especially for the poem "Cancer."
  • The Misunderstanding on Sep. 17, 2013

    I love this book. A very quick read, but sometimes we need to be reminded that an interaction we have with someone may not go exactly the way we think it did.
  • Hostile Takeover on Sep. 18, 2013

    Battling office politics can be tough, but when you want a promotion you may simply need to hire a ninja assassin. A humorous look at the office that any lover of “Office Space” needs to read.
  • About us on Dec. 17, 2013

    This is a great idea! I love that you created a handy ebook for your patrons to have instead of making them get a dead tree version of the information. I need to show it to my local librarians.
  • The Great Intellinux - Doctor Who fan fiction on Dec. 27, 2013

    It took me longer than I had hoped to be able to read this, but as a fan of Doctor #4 and Linux I completely enjoyed it. Any fan of Doctor Who should enjoy this, and any fan of Tux should love it as well. If not I hope, as the author writes, that we can still be friends. Even if it is only a GNOME versus KDE thing.
  • Flying Toasters - The DeadPixel Tales on Feb. 19, 2014

    I came across this ebook while looking at the new releases on Smashwords and the title got my attention right away, as it will for anyone who is familiar with the screensaver of the same name. As soon as I sat down and started reading this collection of short stories I was glad I did. As good as all the stories are, a few became instant favorites. Robert Brumm's MY DEAD FRIEND NANCY made me chuckle, and the lead character reminded me a little of the hero from Kurt Andersen's "Human Intelligence: A Holiday Tale." Thomas Cardin's THE LIGHTGIVER was so hard to put down I hated to stop to do little things like eating. I dare anyone to read it and not fall in love with the story. PRISM, John Gregory Hancock's tale of a reluctant hero, brings an unexpected upside to being color blind. The book closes with Steven Wetherell's THE BALLAD OF AZRON BEZRON, the tale of a thief who not only gets labeled a hero but who is set out on a hero's quest, with a thief's penalty for failing his task Some of the stories contain adult language, so if you're uncomfortable reading profanities you may not want to read this ebook. Otherwise, "Flying Toasters - The DeadPixel Tales" is a free ebook, so run, don't walk, to your favorite ebook store and get it. No matter what kind of fiction you like you'll find something to love in this collection.
  • poetry,writing on April 04, 2014

    A very short poem that definitely brought a smile to my face. I'm calling it a must read, even if it's just read on the website. It's definitely worth the time it takes to load it. I'll be looking for more from Jaber.
  • Mug O'Love Desserts on May 13, 2014

    As someone who usually cooks for one I love when a cookbook comes out with things I can make easily. The fact that this is dessert recipes makes me look forward to trying some of them.