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Karl J. Morgan was raised as an Air Force brat, traveling around the country (and world) and never quite fitting in anywhere. As a young boy, he fell in love with the science fiction of Victor Appleton's Tom Swift novels. Later, his favorite writer became Isaac Asimov (especially the Foundation series). The pioneering science fiction television programs like the original Star Trek and Lost in Space helped Karl to believe there is much more to our universe than we can see.

While attending the University of Iowa, he studied astronomy under the legendary Dr. James Van Allen. He also took classes in classical mythology and Asian religions. Of course, he took time to earn a degree in finance as well, which led him to a long career in business.

With such a diverse background and a sincere love for the written word, Karl began to write. His first book, Remembrances: Choose to Be Happy and Embrace the Possibilities was written to help others (and himself) remember that we chose our lives and those who surround us. It also teaches that this life and this world are far more mysterious and magical than we could hope to imagine.

Now, he is focused on science fiction and fantasy. He follows the exploits of Dave Brewster, an unemployed accountant who finds himself far in the future exploring new worlds. Yet, through the new adventures and new cultures in space, we are reminded that the purpose of each life is to be happy and to love and care for our family and friends.

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What's the story behind your latest book?
My next book is the fifth in the Dave Brewster Series of Sci-fi novels. It will be entitled The Accord. For those who read Tears of Gallia, The Accord is a known enemy of the Free Society. A human civilization that colonized the Magellanic Clouds has lived in fear forever. Their race (Nan) was demeaned and demonized by the Society of Humanity (The Hive). By fleeing to the Clouds, they hoped to avoid their former masters. While the rest of humanity never did come looking for them, they could not overcome their terror of being overtaken by the Society again.

In order to kept that from happening, they devised a new means of defense. Some of their own people would have their brains removed and placed inside orbiting robots that would guard the frontier. Over time, those human-robot cyborgs grew in power and forgot their human roots. Eventually, they began to view their relatives on the surface as a simple source of protein. The cyborgs (some as large as planets) are running out of food and metal in the Clouds and have set their sites on our galaxy for their new home. Dave Brewster and his friends must find a way to stop them, even though their power far exceeds anything we have.

My context in The Accord is pulled right from the news of the day. Governments become more massive and trample on the rights of the people they have sworn to protect. No one's privacy is protected and the general populace is more like a series of numbers than real individuals with hopes and aspirations for their lives. The thirst for power is insatiable. Thankfully, The Accord is fiction, and no one wants to round us up like cattle for the slaughter, but it does make for a great story. The Accord should be out in early 2014, and I hope you will check it out.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I wrote the draft of my first book (Remembrances) almost 30 years ago, back in the day when you'd send your manuscript to publishers and sit back and wait for the rejection letters. At the time, I was working full-time, and when no one seemed interested, I put the manuscript away and forgot about it.

When I got laid off a while back, I had lunch with an old friend who is also a reverend and author. She reminded me about Remembrances and asked me to send it to a friend of hers who is also a indie publisher. I ended up rewriting most of the book, but they were able to help me get it published. Since then, the job market for older men has not improved, and so I've been writing full time. Thankfully, I have a gift of gab and love to tell stories. Now, seven books later, I can't imagine doing anything else, although a steady paycheck would be nice.
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