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Karl J. Morgan was raised as an Air Force brat, traveling around the country (and world) and never quite fitting in anywhere. As a young boy, he fell in love with the science fiction of Victor Appleton's Tom Swift novels. Later, his favorite writer became Isaac Asimov (especially the Foundation series). The pioneering science fiction television programs like the original Star Trek and Lost in Space helped Karl to believe there is much more to our universe than we can see.

While attending the University of Iowa, he studied astronomy under the legendary Dr. James Van Allen. He also took classes in classical mythology and Asian religions. Of course, he took time to earn a degree in finance as well, which led him to a long career in business.

With such a diverse background and a sincere love for the written word, Karl began to write. His first book, Remembrances: Choose to Be Happy and Embrace the Possibilities was written to help others (and himself) remember that we chose our lives and those who surround us. It also teaches that this life and this world are far more mysterious and magical than we could hope to imagine.

Now, he is focused on science fiction and fantasy. His most recent book: "The Old House: An Everlasting Love Story" is the tale of two souls who find each other in life after life, choosing to remain together. But now, there is another who will stop at nothing to kill them yet again. "The Old House" is a tale of undying love and reincarnation. What would you do to protect the love of your life?

Smashwords Interview

What motivated you to become an indie author?
I wrote the draft of my first book (Remembrances) almost 30 years ago, back in the day when you'd send your manuscript to publishers and sit back and wait for the rejection letters. At the time, I was working full-time, and when no one seemed interested, I put the manuscript away and forgot about it.

When I got laid off a while back, I had lunch with an old friend who is also a reverend and author. She reminded me about Remembrances and asked me to send it to a friend of hers who is also a indie publisher. I ended up rewriting most of the book, but they were able to help me get it published. Since then, the job market for older men has not improved, and so I've been writing full time. Thankfully, I have a gift of gab and love to tell stories. Now, seven books later, I can't imagine doing anything else, although a steady paycheck would be nice.
What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book is "The Old House: An Everlasting Love Story". It is the story of two souls who come together in life after life. Simon and Cassandra have been together for thousands of years, always drawn to the old house, or at least parts of it. The current Simon Peter Carter is a young man who finds he is about to inherit his family's vast fortune. To get it, all he as to do is live in his great-grandfather's old house for two years. It seemed all too simple until he walked in the front door.

As he investigates his new home, he is visited by the ghost of his great-grandfather, also named Simon Peter Carter. The old man helps him come to grips with his past lives, and to face a terrible evil. His nemesis has followed Simon and Cassandra throughout the centuries, desperate to kill them and succeeding in many lives. Now the evil one is back, also within the walls of the old house.

Simon must now stop the cycle that has continued for two thousand years, so he and his soulmate can finally live in peace. The only thing he knows for certain is that the answers are all hidden within the old house.

At the core, this story is about love; a family's love for each other, his uncles love for the money, and most of all, Simon's love for Cassandra. Let's hope they survive.
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