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Smashwords book reviews by Lari Grey-Bear

  • Whirl of the Wheel on Dec. 12, 2012

    I absolutely loved this book :)
  • Murder, Magic, Merthings, More. on Jan. 06, 2013

    Brilliant and talented young writers. Was a joy to read :)
  • The White Peacock on April 02, 2013

    Loved it! Awesome twist I did not see coming and that made me love it even more :)
  • The Sylvanville Spirits on June 01, 2013

    Great storyline and character development. Not sure how I feel about the ending but I am hoping it leads to a follow-up book :)
  • SPAGtionary Vol. 1 on June 01, 2013

    Love this book! The stories that go along with teaching each point are excellent and as an English & Linguistics major I even learned a few things :)
  • Sociology of the Family on June 11, 2013
    (no rating)
    I wouldn't call this a college textbook as it read more like a combination of biography/academic paper written in first person POV for a college class. There were numerous typos and misspelled words -- definitely could have used the services of a proofreader. Needed more sociological theory presented and less personal life/opinion of the author. I hate to be so critical but I was expecting much more from the way the book is presented.
  • TwentySix on Sep. 08, 2013

    OMG I loved this book! "There’s More than One of Everything" is just brilliant :oD
  • The Good, the Plaid, and the Ugly on Sep. 15, 2013

    OMG this was hilarious, especially at the end LOL! I only have one pet peeve tho, and that is the consistent misuse of "you're" when it should have been "your". Other than that, I just loved this book (I'm still chuckling) :)
  • Museum Piece and Other Stories on Sep. 15, 2013

    A fantastic collection! I enjoyed reading from the very funny Foreword to the very last word. Love your realistic voice :)
  • Red Herring on Sep. 15, 2013

    Great stories!
  • Bright Night Past Yesterday: Book One of The Book of Tomorrows on Sep. 15, 2013

    Interesting twists with a good story line. Enjoyed very much!
  • This Immortal Coil on Sep. 22, 2013

    Ahhh would love to be able to read the completed novel because what has been finished so far is excellent!
  • The Moment Max Forgot Me on Oct. 25, 2013

    Stories like this serve to remind us how fleeting life is and we should always take every advantage to tell those we love how we feel about them. Excellent story :)
  • Lasting Impressions 1 on Nov. 01, 2013

    lol love it! Reminds me of hard-boiled detective novels and I can't wait to read more about Kolina's adventures :o)
  • The Half-Eaten Boy on the Stairs: A Poem on Nov. 02, 2013

    I'm not normally a fan of poetry but the title of this work interested me so I had to read it and I am so glad I did. While the subject matter was indeed creepy, the way the poem was written blended everything together into a beautifully crafted piece of Gothic art. Thank you John and I will be looking for more of your work :)
  • the Story Shop on May 06, 2014

    Very enjoyable reads :)
  • Into Thin Air: An Alexander Ranch Matter # 2 on May 06, 2014

    I really enjoyed both books in the Alexander Ranch series. There were, however, quite a few grammatical errors and misspellings that tended to distract from the stories. I was able to ignore them but I think it would be in author's best interest to have someone proofread the books and then resubmit the updated versions because the books are really good and I'd hate for the author to lose fans or profit over mistakes. Looking forward to more books in the series!
  • Twelve Days of Christmas on June 03, 2014

    Enjoyable read!