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Manfed Krutein was born during the closing months of WWI in Konigsberg, then capital of the German state of East Prussia. He grew up in the city of Kiel, the son of a trade school teacher. In 1936 he entered the Navy for an education in Naval Architecture (ship building). He attended the Technical University of Danzig where he met Eva Lehnert. He married Eva in 1942, the year he received his Master's Degree.

With the outbreak of WWII, Manfred was called back to the Navy. He served on a U-boat in the North Atlantic through 1941, when he became director of submarine repair at St. Nazaire on the coast of occupied France. In 1945, as the Allies made their advance, Manfred was flown to Wilhelmshaven, Germany to become Technical Director of the Navy shipyard.

Manfred stayed on in Wilhelmshaven after the war to help dissassemble the shipyard under the direction of the British. He later opened his own civilian shipyard to serve the port area.

The threat of Soviet occupation of Western Europe caused Manfred to sell his shipyard. He had seen enough of war. In 1951 he tried to immigrate to the U.S. but the German quota was closed. He took Eva and their three children to Chile instead. In Chile Manfred switched careers to underseas mining and engineering.

After the appearance of Sputnik in 1960, U.S. immigration laws were made more lenient for scientists and engineers. Manfred applied for and received a visa. He and Eva by then had five children, and the family followed him to California.

In 1970, the CIA approached Manfred to direct a mission to secretly raise a sunken Soviet submarine from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean using the newly built research ship Glomar Explorer. He had to pretend to the world and his family that the Glomar Explorer was actually ocean mining for manganese modules. After the successful mission, Manfred continued to work in ocean mining.

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Hitler’s Last Gasp
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America faces grave danger: Hitler has devised a weapon that could kill millions. A German U-boat is making its way toward the US, carrying missiles that will release a deadly virus on the country. U-boat skipper Brinker, refusing to allow the Nazi hijackers to commit such atrocities, stages an uprising. But Nazi Commander Krantz has survived and will stop at nothing to see the weapon unleashed.
Amerika? America! - From Immigration to Espionage
Series: Krutein Memoirs, Book 3 ยท Biography & Memoir. Price: $4.95 USD. Words: 90,210. Language: English. Published: August 22, 2014 by Amador Publishers, LLC. Categories: Nonfiction » Biography » Personal memoir, Nonfiction » History » Contemporary political
Vol.3 of the remarkable autobiographical memoirs of Eva Krutein finds the family moving to California - in the 1960s! - with five teenagers! Suddenly Eva's narrative is interrupted by her husband, Manfred. His secret diary is quoted at length, revealing how his "ocean mining" job for Howard Hughes is really a secret spy project to raise a lost Soviet submarine from the floor of the Pacific.

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