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Red Writing Hood Ink is a small, growing literary agency where we have found that a comfortable and long-lasting relationship is a key component to success. We work with new and published authors in all facets of the industry processes. The types of books we represent are eclectic but we do have a strong preference for YA fiction (paranormal, suspense, mystery, get the idea) and true crime nonfiction and inspirational stories.

Sheri Williams has worked in the publishing industry for over 20 years. Before becoming a literary agent and opening her own agency, in 1997, Ms. Williams worked as a freelance assistant to an agency in Oregon. She has held a number of positions including writer, editor, copyeditor, copywriter, reviewer and research specialist for many online and print media. Her educational background is Journalism, Creative Writing, Business Administration, and Criminal Justice. Ms. Williams is a founding faculty member of the Pitch Me! Workshops for fiction and nonfiction writers (

Sheri Williams resides in Mississippi with her children and number of four-legged dependents, where she enjoys quilting, gardening, and being the blog voice of humorous and opinionated Frederick “Fred” Von Doggebone (

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  • The Keeping on Aug. 08, 2012

    Having read The Mating, I wasn't sure about a book that featured Ryne as a major character but Nicky successfully pulled it off. Certainly, Ryne is rough around the edges, obnoxious and full of attitude but I can say, with all honesty, that Nicky Charles put just the right amount of seasoning in how she has molded and crafted Ryne --and Mel. Excellent dose of suspense and wow on the spice. Nicky knows how to spice up a story without going overboard! Excellent job overall!
  • Black Coal on Sep. 24, 2012

    Cute story; fun for a quick read! As the owner of 6 cats (3 yellow and 3 black), I can see my youngest black cat (Vamp) in the role of Black Coal! Vamp is avenger against all things canine, as Campbell's Black Coal (aka Kiwi) is his family's avenger --they just don't realize it.
  • Dead Man Walking on Sep. 24, 2012

    Not bad for a short short. Despite minor flaws, the author succeeds in depicting an interesting tale of what I certainly hope never manifests with my ex!