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I cover the military in Washington, along the way publishing two nonfiction books, one on Donald Rumsfeld, the other on the CIA. Six years ago last April, I drove from a park in Virginia to my home in Maryland with a rescued black Labrador retriever. I named him Jet, not for fur color, but for the way he leaped into my arms once his foster mom opened the crate. "He sprung like a jet catapulted from an aircraft carrier," I said.

They really do pick us. He quickly exposed me to an entirely new culture: the dog park and the eccentrics who come. After I observed the people and mutts over the years, I began outlining plot lines for a funny story that would try to capture our obsession with man's best friend. I created a neurotic accountant, his ambitious therapist, an overzealous dog catcher and the woman who pulls his strings.

Only one character in "Dog Park" is based on some one in real life. That would be Jet. He has sent me on a journey not just to dog parks, but also to nature trails, the urban jungle, new friendships and — happiness.

Rowan Scarborough

Smashwords Interview

Why a novel about a Dog Park?
The dog park has become an essential part of American life, like the town square or Main Street or even a church. It is a place where people can meet and discuss whats going on in town, or the latest on their family, their schools, the best place to buy a car––and of course––their dogs. In other words, gossip. What better setting for a funny story about the importance of dogs in our lives, and how they can bring us joy, and get us into trouble.
Why humor? Why not a serious story?
because what is funnier than a bunch of dogs and their obsessive owners all gathered in one place? Of course, I go to some extremes. I'm not sure there is a dog park in America that boasts a chapel. The lead character, Robert Benjamin, is so in love with dogs, his and others', his life begins to fall apart. But we all overdue it with our dogs, if we love them, as I do mine. What is better than that early morning walk with your mutt. Exercise. Greetings. Sunrises. But with Robert, it doesn't always go so well.
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Dog Park
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 33,800. Language: English. Published: April 15, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » Satire
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When it comes to dogs, Robert Benjamin is insanely good-hearted. His therapist wants fame and fortune. The Rexville dog catcher is hunting a nighttime scofflaw. His girlfriend accuses the wrong man. The mayor is up to no good. It all culminates in the annual Rexville Dog Show. Westminster, it is not. But the ending is so good it makes the nightly news.

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