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  • Dancing on Coals on Dec. 19, 2011
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    This book,like each of Ms. OConnell's other books, was impossible to put down. The book is historically accurate, with a very strong Female and Male main character. The silent Sioux and the independent world traveller are well mated. Each has a background that allows them to love and understand each other. There are many highpoints throughout the book, from highwaymen, to capture by banditos to imprisonment on newly formed reservations. This author writes one winning novel after another. If you enjoy Native american themes her books are a must read.
  • New Life on Feb. 08, 2013

    Jason, a 26 year old, recently injured brain damaged man tries to pull his life into meaningful context. This is difficult to do because there are so many holes in his memory. He is very handsome dispite the scar on his face. Until now, however, women have not been a part of his life. Anna is a new lawyer who is trying to establish herself in the courtroom and the new law office. Both the hero and the heroine are setting out on a new life with many obstacles in their way. The physical attraction to each other cannot be overlooked. It is a heart warming tale filled with promise and hope. The understanding of each other's needs seems to come easily to both of them. Anna has even researched brain injury on line because she cares so much. Once they decide that open and frequent communication is needed because of some very large misunderstandings things do improve. I wish the couple well. They are both deserving of it. I cannot shake the feeling though that this will be a stort term affair. There are just too many problems looming yet in the seeable future, yet alone the distant future. This is a heart warming tale that deserves an open mind when reading it.
  • Raid on March 21, 2013
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    This was a "quiet" book. As I mulled over what I would write for this review, I realised the differences in Ashley's books. The impact of the book varies directly with the personality of the hero. No other author I have read has been able to accomplish this feat. Raid, was definately an alpha but not a leader. He runs his own life exactly the way he wants, but isn't afraid to allow changes in the plans. The book did not directly involve his work. The focus was on his home life. This provided a more "quiet" story that matched the hero's personality. It was the perfect way to relate the tale to give the reader a better feel for who Raid was. Hanna is a cutsy girl who has had a crush on Raid for most our her life. It is a dream's come true kind of book. There is a cost, but she willingly pays it, resulting in warm,or touching or hot hot passion scenes. Ashley, I believe, willingly sacraficed one star for impact just so that the reader got a true feeling for her hero. I loved Raid in a much different way than readers love her other heros. There is definately room for "quiet". A remarkable book!
  • Royal Trouble (Texas Trouble, #10) on July 26, 2013

    Oil and Water. That would describe Leigh Ann Baker and Dr. Wes Jepson. Well that would describe them in the first half of the book. But these two turned into Gas and Flame by the end of the book. She is filled with self doubts of her worth outside of the world of pageantry where she won the title of Miss Texas. In the real world there was very little she could do, including making her sister or her mother happy. Wes is filled with distrust and fear of commitment, again. What these two do together to finally face the truth of their love and the truth of who they were, was at times funny, heartbreaking, frustrating and endearing. Wes's son adds just the quiet touch that is needed. Another page turner by Becky McGraw. Loved it.